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As we draw closer to the end of the semester, you’re probably gearing up for exams or preparing for a relaxing holiday. Before you go, read about some handy tips and reminders on how to access your marked assessments and grades in VU Collaborate. Below are some common questions that may arise about different topics relating to assessments and grades in VU Collaborate:

Can I view feedback on my assessment through Assessment Dropbox?

On the Assessment Dropbox Folder page, click ‘View’ in the Feedback column beside the folder containing your submission. This will show your grade, the rubric assessment (if available) and any feedback received. Please note you will only be able to view your feedback once the teacher has made it available.

How do I view feedback given through Turnitin Feedback Studio?

Please view this guide for an overview of viewing feedback received via Turnitin Feedback Studio. You will only be able to view your feedback once the teacher has made it available to you.

How do I see what I have done and haven’t done (viewing user progress)?

You are able to view your progress summary by clicking on Results and then User Progress. For information on User Progress indicators, please view this guide on the VU Collaborate Student Help site.

How do I view my grades?

When your grades are published, they appear on your personal Grades page in the unit. Depending on how your grades are set up, you might also be able to view comments and overall class performance statistics. You will only be able to view your grades once the teacher or lecturer has published them. For more information, view this guide.

Where do I re-enrol for next semester?

This can be found on MYVU, click on ‘My Details’ and select ‘Online Enrolment’.

For more information on VU Collaborate, please visit the VU Collaborate Student Help site. If you encounter any issues, please contact the ITS Service Desk by phone on (03) 9919 2777, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or self-service.

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