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Submitting and Viewing Turnitin Assignments

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Submitting an Assessment through Turnitin

Turnitin Feedback Studio is integrated within VU Collaborate. If enabled by a teacher, any assessment submitted via the Assessment Dropbox will automatically be processed through Turnitin. 

Generating a Turnitin report can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours once a document has been submitted.

Trial turnitin report

Not every Dropbox will have Turnitin enabled as it may not be necessary for the assessment requirements.

If you require information on how to submit an assessment to a Dropbox, please visit this guide.


Viewing a Turnitin Report

 From VU Collaborate's homepage, select the unit where you have submitted the assessment. 

Access unit

From a unit space, open Assessments menu from the navigation bar and select Dropbox.

access dropbox

You should now see the Assessment Dropbox Folders page. From here, click on the numerical value beneath the Submission column beside the associated assessment you wish to view.

Access submission 

The next page will provide a view of all submissions you have uploaded for the associated assessment.

From this page, you can view the percentage Turnitin has attributed to the assignment in identifying sourced content. This is located beneath the Report column.

To view a breakdown of the report, click on the percentage bar.

Access Report

If you require assistance in understanding Turnitin Reports, please visit this guide.