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Interpreting Turnitin Originality Report

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Similarity Score 

A Similarity Report produces a summary of matching or highly similar text found in written work that has been submitted to an assessment dropbox with Turnitin enabled. 


Submission History

To open a turnitin report, click on the percentage bar. Click here if you need information on how to find a Turnitin report.

The percentage can range from 0-100. Reference lists and bibliographies usually contribute to the overall score. 
Contact your teacher if you have any concerns over your Similarity score.


Report Overview

A view of Turnitin Report will appear similar to the example below:

 Image Turnitin: Grade Score, Layers, Similarity highlights, Teacher Feedback

  1. Grade Score: This value provides the maximum score the assessment is worth. It does not reflect the Turnitin report score. 
    Teachers will assess the submission prior to providing a grade score. If a teacher has graded a submission and the result is not showing in the Turnitin report, it may be located elsewhere.

  2. Layers: On the right-hand side of a Turnitin report are what the application labels layers. Each layer provides certain functionality which is detailed further in the next section below.

  3. Similarity highlight: As demonstrated in the screenshot above, the text highlighted in red identifies sourced or matching material. This does not inherently mean the material is plagiarised.
    Common phrases are often highlighted and contribute to the overall Turnitin score. Teachers are aware of this and should you have any concerns, please contact them to discuss the issue.

  4. Teacher Feedback: Teacher comments will appear as blue text bubbles or words in a blue box. Clicking on the icon will often reveal more information.


Layers in Turnitin Feedback Studio

Displayed on the right-hand side of a Turnitin report are layers, which allow provide various features covered below:

 Turnitin Layers

Active Layers is at the very top of the control panel, allowing filters for the report. Filters can be applied by ticking on the tick-box beside each layer. 

The blue comment icon will show feedback from the teacher when you click on it.

Turnitin Filters Disabled2

Turnitin Filters enabled2

Instructor Feedback is an additional space where teachers may leave written or recorded feedback. Remember teachers may choose to leave feedback within the assessment itself.

Instructor Feedback

 Similarity has three views available:

  • Match Overview: This option provides a breakdown of where the reported matched written work has been identified from.

    match overview 001

  • All sources: This view provides more in-depth information found within Match Overview.  Click on each percentage number to reveal the extra information.

    All sources

  • Filters and Settings: This option is only available to teachers.

The final two icons are Download and Submission Information.

Download allows three documents to be downloaded locally on a computer, as shown in the screenshot below:


Submission Information provides data revelant to the document submitted:



If you require more information, Turnitin hosts a range of guides which provide more in-depth information on reports.