Learn how to use a tool preventing
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About Turnitin



Turnitin is a software application designed to match content of your written work with written work from other university submissions, websites, journals, articles, etc. Turnitin also provides a way for teaching staff to provide feedback directly onto your written work that you can view when it is released.  Turnitin intergrates with VU Collaborate, through the Assessment Dropbox.

You are able to view Turnitin reports through Submissions within the Assessment Dropbox.

What does Turnitin do?

When your work is submitted to a Turnitin enabled assessment dropbox, the material is checked against Turnitin.com's database, which contains billions of internet pages and previously submitted student work for originality.

An originality report is then generated for the teacher or the student, depending on the settings determined by the teacher. 


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 More information on how to submit and view Turnitin reports can be found here.

Additionally, information on how to anaylse a report can be found here.

Turnitin Feedback Studio

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