Learn how to compose and manage email messages using the Email tool within VU Collaborate

Using the Address Book

The Address Book allows you to keep an online list of your contacts and organise personal contacts into groups.

Your Address Book options vary according to your permissions. Contacts in the address book are either system generated in the case of course and internal contacts, or user created in the case of personal and external contacts. Depending on your permissions, you might not be able to create personal contacts. 

This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation.


Access your Address Book

1. From VU Collaborate Home, enter any unit space you're enrolled in.

VU Collaborate Home with Unit Space identified

2. Once inside the unit space, click Communication then Email on the Navbar.

Navbar inside unit space with email identified

3. In the Email menu, click on Address Book.

Email menu with address book identified


Add a Contact to Your Address Book 

1. In the Address Book window that opens, click New Contact.

address book with new contact identified

2. Choose a folder to store the new contact's information in the Folder drop-down list. By default new contacts are stored in the main Address Book folder.

address book with folder list open and identified

3. To create a new folder, click the New Folder link beside the Folder drop-down list.

address book with new folder option identified

4. After selecting New Folder, name your contacts folder and click save. eg. Group Assignment Contacts.

new folder window open with folder name identified

5. Enter the new contact's information in the appropriate fields. (Fields marked with an asterisk are required).

new contact information

6. Click Save.


Edit an Address Book Contact 

1. From the Address Book page, click the First Name or Last Name link of the contact you want to edit from the list of contacts.

editing an address book contact

2. Update the contact's information as required.

editing fields for existing contact information

3. Click Save.


Delete an Address Book Contact 

1. From the Address Book page, select the contacts you want to delete.

deleting an address book contact

2. Click Delete at the top or bottom of the list.

Note: You can only delete personal contacts.

Create a Contacts Group 

1. On the Address Book page, click New Contact.

address book new contact

2. Click the New Folder link.

address book new folder button

3. In the Folder Type section, select Contacts Folder.

4. Enter a Folder Name.

5. To make the new folder a sub-folder inside an existing folder, choose the existing folder from the Parent Folder drop-down list.

new contact group

6. Click Save.