This section explains Panopto, VU Collaborate's integrated video creation, management, sharing and editing tool.

How to Install Panopto on a Mac

Panopto allows for event recording, screencasting, video streaming, and video content management software in e-learning environments. This guide will assist in the installation and configuration of Panopto for Mac. 

Below are the steps to install and configure Panopto on a Mac:


UPDATE: Unfortunately, the latest version of Panopto for Mac is not supported on Apple computers running a 32-bit CPU architecture and may not work with macOS 10.12 (Sierra). We recommend upgrading your OS version to macOS 10.15 Catalina. 


Step One: Installation

1. Login to VU Collaborate and click on the Video tab.


2. Click on the Create button and select Record a new session. Alternatively, you could also click the Download Panopto link as well, located in the top right of the sessions page.


3. Both options will show a popup that will allow you to Download Panopto for your operating system by choosing the Download Installer.



4. Run the "Panopto.pkg" file and then click Continue.


5. Select the Drive where you would like to install Panopto for Mac and click Continue.

6. Click Install to begin the installation.


7. If prompted, insert credentials for installation; this is your student number and AD password. Click Install Software. 


8. Click Close when you see the installation was successful.


Step Two: Security Protections

1. Mac 10.14 introduced a lot of additional security protections, and one is triggered at the time of installation. You will see this warning:


2. Click OK on the warning to allow Panopto to upload. 

If you do not click OK, none of the upload will succeed.