This section explains Panopto, VU Collaborate's integrated video creation, management, sharing and editing tool.

Using Panopto App on Android

Students can download the 'Panopto' application on Android. This will enable them to view existing recordings of their units and to upload their recordings as well. This guide will cover all aspects that students need to be aware of while navigating the 'Panopto' Android application.


This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation: 


Downloading Panopto onto an Android 

 1. Go to the VU Collaborate unit space and click on Video to be directed to Panopto.

Panopto Android VUC

2. Once you get access to it, click on Panopto for Android on the top right-hand corner.

Panopto VUC DownloadAndroid

3. You will then be directed to download the application. Click Get it on Google Play.


4. You will then be directed to the Google Play store on your device.

5. The below will appear click Install.

Panopto Install Googleplaystoreandroid

6. Wait for the application to complete its installation, then click Open.

7. Once the application is downloaded, the below icon will appear on your device.

Panopto AndroidApp icon 

8. Click on the Panopto icon

9. You will now see the below on your screen. Click Sign in.

Panopto Signinfrompanopto

10. You will then be directed to the below screen. 

Note: make sure that the drop-down box is set as VU Collaborate not Victoria University.

 Panopto SigninVUC

11. Click Sign In, you will then be directed to enter your VU Collaborate, user name 'student ID' and password.

Panopto VUlogin

12. Once you have entered your VU Collaborate login details, click Log in.

13. You can now commence using Panopto on your Android device.


Viewing Panopto Sessions 

1. Make sure that All Sessions are available by clicking on the below-highlighted section.

2. Select your required session by clicking on it in your list of available sessions.

Panopto Viewing Sessions

3. Once you have selected the session you wish to view, you can simply click on the video to start. 

Screenshot 30 Mar. 2020 10 20 53 am

Note: Below the video, the transcript sections list will appear.  If you are not required to watch the entire video, you can select a specific section as required by clicking on the list below in the main video.

Browsing Panopto Sessions

1.  To search for a video, you can click the search icon highlighted below.

2. You will then be able to type the name of the video that you are looking for into the search bar.

 Panopto Search Session

3. The video selected will then appear.

Panopto Search Session2


Uploading a Panopto Video onto an Android

1. To upload a video file to Panopto, locate the icon highlighted, select on the cloud icon by clicking on the screen.

Panopto Uploading Files










2. The below screen will appear, click on the screen as per the arrow.

Panopto Uploadfile

3.  Select the file you wish to upload from your device.

4. Click on the file.

Panopto Selectfile to upload

5. The file that you have now uploaded will appear as below.

Note: You can only upload video files, the file below is for instructional purposes only.

Panopto Uploaded File Appears

6. You have now successfully uploaded a file to Panopto via your android device.

If you require further assistance with 'Panopto' please refer to the following help guides; Using My Folders in Panopto