Everything you need to know about learning with Virtual Classrooms

Participating in a WebEx Virtual Classroom

WebEx Virtual Classrooms which allow students who are not able to be physically present in class to attend the session online. Below steps will show you how to participate in WebEx virtual classroom. To fully participate in a WebEx virtual classroom, it is recommended that you work from a computer enabled with a webcam, speakers, and a microphone. You may also like to use a headset or a headphone with an attached speaker.

This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation: 


Step One: Locate and open WebEx Virtual Classroom

1. In your VU Collaborate unit space click on Communication from the Navbar, then select WebEx Virtual Classroom.

 accessing WebEx virtual classroom

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Step Two: Join the Relevant Session

1. Scheduled WebEx virtual classrooms will appear in the events list. To launch your virtual classroom, click on the Join button. 

Note: The Join button will be orange when a session is open, it will be grey if the virtual classroom is still closed.

Step Two: Join the relevant session

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Step Three: Install the WebEx Application 

1. Clicking on Join will launch the WebEx extension in Chrome. You will only need to follow the steps to install this extension the first time you use WebEx Virtual Classroom in your browser.

2. Click on Add WebEx to Chrome to install the extension.

3. Alternatively, you can launch a temporary application by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. If you are using WebEx within an incognito window in your browser, you will need to use this option. 

Note: We recommend using Chrome as your browser when using VU Collaborate and WebEx Virtual Classroom.

add webex to chrome

Note: To download the app on your smartphone or tablet access WebEx from the apple store for Mac users or google play for Andriod.

4. A window will pop up offering further information on WebEx.

5. Click on Add Extension. You will only be asked to do this one time.

add extension

6. Your download will begin. It should appear in the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

add webEx to chrome 2

7. Click on the download when it has finished.

8. A window will pop up asking if you would like to run the extension.

9. Click on Run.


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Step Four: Set Up your Audio and Microphone 

1. Test your microphone and audio before you go any further.

2. Click on Test Speaker/Microphone.

set up audio and microphone

3. Select the relevant hardware to test from the dropdowns in the window that appears.

4. Make sure that you are receiving sound through your speakers (or headphones) and that your microphone is working.

setting up audio

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Step Five: Enter the Virtual Classroom 

1. Click Call Using Computer to connect to the WebEx Training Centre virtual classroom. 

enter virtual classroom

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Step Six: Participate in a WebEx Session

1. At the bottom right of the window, check that you are connected and the microphone is enabled.

participate in webex

2. The teacher or the host of the virtual classroom may be sharing a screen with you. This could be a powerpoint, a whiteboard, their computer desktop, an application, a video or they may have enabled their webcam.

3. The screen will be visible in the left-hand panel.

.VU Collaborate how to workshop

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Step Seven: Enable Video 

1. To enable your webcam, click on the camera icon beside your name on the Participants menu.

2. Once you have enabled your webcam, other participants in the Virtual Classroom will be able to see you.

enable video 

3. To expand the video screen, click on the 12.2 icon in the top right of the video panel. 

video screen

4. You will now be engaging in video conferencing with the other participants. 

video screen

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Step Eight: Mute your Audio

1. It is best to mute your microphone when not talking if you are in a group.  If you microphone is left on, along with other people's in the session, their will be a lot of feedback and no-one will be able to be heard properly.  Mute your microphone by clicking on the mute icon.  

mute audio

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Step Nine: Participate in Chat

When audio is not being utilised, the chat function is very important. The chat panel provides you with the opportunity to type dialogue and interact with the other participants in the session.

Other ways to communicate include:

1. You can gain the teacher’s attention by raising your hand by clicking on the 14.1 icon.

2. If the teacher has asked you a yes/no question, for example: ‘Can everyone hear me?’ you can indicate your answer by using the 14.2 icons.

3. Use the dialogue box at the bottom of the chat panel to type dialogue. 

participate in chat

4. You can use the drop-down menu in the section next to Send to:, to designate whether you would like your chat dialogue to be viewable just by the host or by other participants in the session. 


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Step Ten: Ask a Question in the Q&A Section 

1. If the teacher/host is running a Q&A, you will be able to ask questions and receive answers in the Q&A panel.

2. Participate in the Q&A by typing your questions and answers into the dialogue box at the bottom of the Q&A panel, be sure to click Send.

step 10

3. As above, you can determine whether a question is directed at the teacher or another participant by choosing from the drop-down menu above the dialogue box.


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Step Eleven: Share Files 

1. You can share files with other participants in the virtual classroom.

2. Select Share from the toolbar and click on File.

share files 

3. Navigate to the relevant file on your computer and click on Open.

4. This will begin the upload of your file to the Virtual Classroom.


5. A new tab will appear next to the Session Info tab.


6. By clicking on the tab you will be able to view your file as well as all other participants in the session will be able to view your uploaded file.

Note: You will only be able to upload documents or powerpoint presentations. Only your teacher can share video or audio files. 


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Step Twelve: Participate in a Poll 

1. At any time, the teacher may conduct a poll, this will appear in the Polling panel.

2. Participate in the poll by selecting your answers and clicking on Submit.


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Step Thirteen: Leave a Session

1. To leave a session click on File from the menu and then select Leave Training Session.

2. This will close WebEx Virtual Classroom.


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