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How to download your Certificate

Please follow these instructions below to obtain your certificate. Your Certificate will be available to download from the Learning Space within 48 hours of your course completion.


Step 1

Login to the Safe Sport learning portal by Clicking here

If you have forgotten your password, use the Forgot your password? link under the Log in button.

Step 1 Cert

Step 2 

Click into your Safe Sport Course by clicking on the tile called MAST-Safe Sport (Swimming Australia)

Step 2 Cert

Step 3

Click Certificate of Completion tab from the main menu.

Step 3 Cert

Step 4

Click on the certificate icon as shown below.

Step 4 Cert

Step 5

Click Generate Certificate.

Step 5 Cert

Step 6

Save your certificate to your computer as a PDF document.

Step 7

All certificates must be uploaded to Swim Central. Please do not email your certificate to us. For step by step help uploading documents to Swim Central, please refer to this Support Guide.