Changing your
Profile Picture

Upload a profile picture to appear in VU Collaborate.

Change your Profile Picture

VU Collaborate is where you will be spending most of your time studying and learning while at Victoria University, it's important to make sure your account is personalised to you and represents you.

This guide shows how to upload and edit your profile picture within VU Collaborate. 

Profile Images within VU Collaborate will be associated with you, this means that the image you select will be visible for others to see in attendance lists and other areas within VU Collaborate.

On this page:


Step One: Access your Profile

1. In VU Collaborate on the minibar, select your name (1), then Profile (2) from the dropdown list.

from your profile select profile 

Step Two: Edit your Profile Picture

1. On the Profile page, select Change Picture (1).

 select change picture

3. To upload a picture from your computer, select My Computer.

select profile picture from my computer

4. Upload your profile image by either:

  • selecting Upload, to find and select your image, or
  • drag and drop your image into the outlined area.

5. Once loaded, select Add.

upload and add profile picture

6. After you've added your profile picture, remember to click Save and Close to save your changes.

save and close