Peer Feedback Tools

Check the student guides for Peer Feedback Tools.

Peer evaluation is commonly used to facilitate timely formative feedback from fellow students, often as an in-class activity. Students may provide feedback on work (i.e. the quality of an oral presentation, essay, infographic or response to a case study), however peer evaluation is increasingly being used to evaluate not just student created work, but individual's performance in a team or group activity or formal group assessment. 

Buddycheck is primarily a tool for students to evaluate each other's performance in a group or team whilst completing a task or formal group assessment. As a student, you are able to evaluate yourself and other members of your group against a criteria that is similar to a rubric. 

A tool called Feedback Fruits - Peer Review is another tool that may be used to facilitate students evaluating each other's work, such as an essay, presentation or video. Your instructor/teacher will inform you which of these Peer evaluation tools will be used and the steps necessary to complete an evaluation.