VU Collaborate

Below is an example of VU Collaborate home page. Read on for an
introduction to the space, and some guidance on how to navigate it.

Navigating VU Collaborate

VU Collaborate is where you can view learning materials, submit assessments, and collaborate with peers and instructors. This guide will introduce you to VU Collaborate and show you how to find and navigate to unit/course and support spaces.

On this page:


Accessing VU Collaborate

We recommend that you use Google Chrome as the preferred browser.

  • Use MyVU to log in to VU Collaborate.
  • Log in with your username in the following format, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (for students) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (for staff) and your MyVU password.
  • Once logged in to MyVU, click on the VU Collaborate link in the side menu.



The home page is the starting point when you log in to VU Collaborate, providing access to your unit/course and support spaces. The main components of the home page are the Minbar (1), Delivery Spaces (2), and support Widgets (3).

Find and Access a Space

Access your space from tiles on My Delivery Spaces or via a dropdown list from the Space Waffle.

A: Delivery Space Tiles

  • Filter units by Term (4), All, Pinned, Support and Collaboration or Course Communication.
  • Access spaces, from the Space Tiles (5), or
  • Select the View All Courses link (6), to view a list of all spaces.

vu collaborate home

B: Space Selector Waffle

  • From the space selector waffle (1), click to select a learning space from the dropdown list.
  • If you have more that 20+ units, you can search (2) to filter by unit codes, teaching periods or name.
  • Pin (3) space for easy access.

locate unit space by the waffle

Can't find your space?
If you come across an issue with accessing your delivery space content, please check for active unit links by teaching period (1) or if you have more than 20+ units,  you can use the waffle (2) to filter Unit codes and teaching periods (3) to find an active delivery space link (4).

H2B4 = Higher Education Semester 2, Block 4.

 can not find you space then check or search by term



The Unit Space is where all materials and information for the unit/course are located. The main components of the space home are the Minibar (1), Navbar (2), News (3), and Widgets (4).

space overview


The minibar provides access to:

  • VU Collaborate Home (1) 
  • Space selector waffle (2) 
  • Email/Message (3), orange alert dot indicates unread items, see Setting up instant notifications.
  • Subscription (4) to Discussions and ePortfolio, orange alert dot indicates unread items.
  • Updates (5), orange alert dot indicates unread items.
  • Personal menu and settings (6)

space mini bar


In a space, the navbar provides access to:

  • Learning Space - Learning materials and information.
  • Communication - Discussions, Emails, News, Groups and Zoom classroom.
  • Assessments - Assessment Dropbox, Quizzes and Grades.
  • Tools - Attendance, Checklists, Mind Mapping Tool, User Progress and more.
  • Video - Panopto videos.
  • Help - VU Collaborate Help Student Guides, ITS service desk, Learning Support, Copyright and more.

space nav bar