VU Collaborate

Below is an example of VU Collaborate home page. Read on for an
introduction to the space, and some guidance on how to navigate it.

Navigating VU Collaborate

Below is an example of a VU Collaborate home page. Read on for an introduction to the space, and some guidance on how to navigate it.

To see a short video introduction to VU Collaborate, see the video below:

This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation:

Understanding VU Collaborate Home and Space Home

1. VU Collaborate Home is your starting point inside VU Collaborate. It is also your Victoria University online learning home page where available resources for your units will be found.

VU collaborate space Home

2. Space Home is the first page you see to help you navigate through your units. It contains widgets, tool links on the navbar, and resources that enable you to access your personal information, notifications, account settings, and course-specific content.

3. Click on a unit in My Spaces to access it.

Space Home


The minibar is the main navigation tool to courses and personal settings in VU Collaborate. The minibar contains a link to VU Collaborate Home, the course selector (waffle), help , notifications, personal menu and settings.


Space Selector

Courses are listed in My Spaces and can be sorted by course name, enrollment date, course code or by date last accessed.

1. Click View All Courses to expand the course list if the unit space is not visible.

view more courses

2. Use the search field to find a course (unit). Specific courses (units) can be selected from the course selector (waffle) and pinned to the top of the list for easier navigation.

course search and pin

Access a Course

Access the course (unit) you want from the space selector by clicking on the title.

space selector


If you have unread alerts, an orange circle appears on the appropriate alert icon.

Click on Setting up instant notifications for more information on personalization.

instant messagingfor Instant Messenger and Email. 

Click on Using instant Messaging for more information on using this communication platform.

update icon for Updates: New and updated news posts, upcoming end dates and due dates, new and updated grades, and ePortfolio notifications.

Click on Managing News items for more information on this topic.

subscription iconfor Subscriptions: New blog posts, and discussion posts in forums, topics, and specific message threads you have subscribed to. Comments left on ePortfolio items and ePortfolio subscription notifications.

Click on  Viewing items shared with you for more information on this topic.

Personal Menu

The personal menu contains links to your profile, notification options, account settings, and logout. Click your name on the minibar to open the personal menu.

Click on Personal Profile for more information on personalization.

personal menu


The navbar is the main navigation tool within a course/unit space. Learning Space is where all materials and information for the unit/course are; Communication is where you can access Discussions, Emails, News, Zoom classroom, Panopto, Learning Space and the WebEx virtual classroom; Assessments is where you will find the Assessment Dropbox, Quizzes and Grades; the Toolbox has a number of options such as ePortfolio, User Progress, Checklists, Zoom Web Meet, Mind Mapping Tool and Attendance; the Help tab includes links to the VU Collaborate Help Site through Student Guides, the ITS service desk, Learning Support and Copyright.


For more information on Getting Started and navigating on VU Collaborate, Click on FAQ.