Academic Integrity


Understand what academic integrity

means and why it is important to present

authentic work and acknowledge

the work of others.

Academic Integrity

Study with Academic Integrity. As you start or continue your studies at Victoria University, review the information on the Academic Integrity at VU Guide, and then complete the academic integrity modules. Understand what academic integrity means and why it is important to present authentic work and acknowledge the work of others.

Academic Integrity at VU

Academic work must comply with VU’s Academic Integrity Policy (external link) and reflect the values outlined in the policy:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Responsibility

To build your academic integrity skills, complete five academic integrity modules within VU Collaborate. This guide covers information on how to access the Academic Integrity modules


Complete Academic Integrity Modules in VU Collaborate 

You can choose to complete the module on your mobile OR navigate to VU Collaborate on a computer to complete the Academic Integrity modules.

  1.   On a computer:
    • Log in to VU Collaborate.
    • Go to the Academic Integrity HQ and self-enrol (VU Students only). Even if you have completed one or more modules in 2022, you need to self-enrol in the Academic Integrity HQ space to complete the remaining modules. Read the FAQs in the space for further information.

AI HQ enrol


    • Select 'content' from the tabs at the top of the screen to move through to the modules

Select content to modules

    • Complete the five modules:
      • Module 1 - What is Academic Integrity?
      • Module 2: Academic integrity in my preparation
      • Module 3: Academic integrity in my work
      • Module 4: Building confidence in Academic Integrity
      • Module 5: Academic integrity in complex situations

AI HQ course location


B. On a mobile:

    • Log in to the Victoria University App
    • Search for 'academic integrity'. Link through the chosen academic integrity module to complete the module within VU Collaborate.  
A. B. C. D. E.
App screen1

Scroll down and 'Connect to My Learning Hub'

App screen2

Log in using VU authenication

App screen3

Search for 'academic integrity' and link follow the link to the selected module.

AI student guide 4

Click through the Academic Integrity HQ on VU Collaborate

AI student guide 5

Navigate to the module and work through the content.


Acknowledgement of Module completion

  • On successful completion of each module and associated quiz an email will be received.
  • On the successful completion of the FIVE modules and associated quizzes a Certificate of Achievement will be generated in VU Collaborate space. This is a downloadable PDF file which includes the student name and certificate date. 


Accessing the Certificate of Achievement 

  1. Where to find the Certificate in VU Collaborate
  • Through a pop-up when the 'Certificate of Achievement' is received.

      Award 1Blur

  •  Through a message via the 'subscriptions' icon.

      Award 5def

  •  Through the Toolbox menu selection. Then select Awards

      Award 4def

  • Linked from your student email 

       Award 2blur


       B. Downloading the Certificate

  • Generate the Certificate

       Award 4aDef

  •      Choose to SAVE or PRINT the Certificate of Achievement

      Award 4b


Note: All certificates downloaded from the Awards tool are password-protected from editing.