Learn to use the checklist tool that highlights important or required tasks

Using Checklists

The checklist is a tool within VU Collaborate designed to identify and track progress throughout your units.

Accessible through either a Unit Module in the Learning Space or under the Toolbox tab. A checklist shows the important or required assignments, readings, or other items your teacher expects you to complete before, after or during a class.

Each checklist is comprised of multiple items which need to be completed. Additional items may be subsequently added to an existing checklist; ensure to check VU Collaborate often for any updates. Certain Unit Modules will not become accessible until a preceding checklist has been completed.

Below is an example of a Checklist: 

checklist example

There are two ways to access the Checklist

Accessing Checklists from the Unit Module

1. Navigate to your desired unit space, click on Learning Space.


2. Select the desired Unit Module and click on the title of the Checklist.

  week 1 session 1 checklist

3. Your checklist tasks may be divided into categories to assist you with planning your learning.

  checklist tasks

4. To complete the checklist, click on the check box next to a task to complete one of the checklist tasks.

 checklist checkox highlighted

5. Blue coloured words indicate that there is a task that is linked and it can be accessed by clicking on it.

 blue colored words highlighted

6. Dates on the right-hand side of the screen show the due date of a task.

 due date highlighted

7. The bar above the checklist shows your current progress to completing all the tasks of your checklist. This is automatically updated as you click on the checkbox.

 bar to show progress

Accessing Checklists from Toolbox

Alternatively, you can access Checklists from Toolbox.

1. Enter your desired unit space then click Toolbox from the navbar and select Checklist.

 toobox checklist

2. To view the contents of a checklist, click on the name of the checklist you want to view.

Note: A Checklist may open in a new window depending on which settings have been selected.


3. Below this, you can see the first category of that checklist, with all the individual items for that category listed below.

Categories are separated by a horizontal line. If the teacher has set a Due Date for an item it will be displayed below the name of that item.

Note: Due Dates in red have already passed; Due Dates in blue have not yet passed.

4. To check an item that has been completed, click the checkbox next to the item’s name.

Tip: Check and save items as you complete them. Some teachers may make this mandatory, and you will not be able to see the next item until you have completed the one before.

 checkbox and save

5. Click on Save to keep the changes you have made to the Checklist.

6. Once you have saved a checked item, some text will appear in green next to the Due Date denoting when the Item was checked.

 completed time