Setting up Instant Notifications

In VU Collaborate, email notifications can be set up to receive emails
about various activities occurring within VU Collaborate. You can choose
the email address you would like to use to receive these notifications.

Setting Up Instant Notifications

In VU Collaborate you can select to receive instant notifications for various activities such as new News items, Assessment due dates or Quiz due dates. Choose options for your notifications, including which email they will be sent to, what activities to include, and which spaces to exclude.

See a short video on How to Manage and Edit Notifications in VU Collaborate.


On this page:

Step One: Access Notifications

1. Log in to MyVU, then access VU Collaborate.
2. From the Minibar, select your Username (1), then Notifications (2).

 select notifications

Step Two: Change Notification Email (optional)

The default email address notifications are sent to is your VU email address, if you prefer this can be changed to a personal email. Note: You can only receive notification via one email address, so only change to one that you access regularly.

1.  Under Contact Methods select Change your email settings (1).
2. In the pop-up window, select Use custom email (2), enter your preferred email address (3).
3. Select Save (4).

update contact email

Step Three: Select Notification Options

1. Notification options allow you to select when, and what events will create a notification.

  • Summary Notifications (1) - select how often (Never, Daily or Weekly) you want to receive summaries
    We recommend keeping Never selected, and instead select instant notifications.
  • Instant Notifications (2) - tick to select all items you wish to receive instant notifications.
    We recommend at least selecting Assessment, Grade, News and Quiz items.
  • Customise Notifications (3) - only select if you wish to receive notifications for spaces that are not current.
  • Exclude Some Courses (4) - notification will be set for all units. If you don't want to receive notifications from some spaces, use this option to select space to exclude.

select notification options

2. When complete, select Save.