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Turnitin Similarity Report

Learn about the originality check and Turnitin Similarity Report

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Turnitin Similarity Report

A test dropbox is available in the Student Induction space. Submit to generate a report before submitting to the unit dropbox.

  • Access the Student Induction Space
  • Submit to the Turnitin Check - Test Folder
  • Access the submission history in the Dropbox
  • View the Turnitin Similarity report

See the instructions below to learn more.

Turnitin Feedback Studio is a tool that can be used to improve writing skills, by identifying instances of unintentional plagiarism. Turnitin compares submitted work to an extensive database including web pages, journals, articles, and other student submissions. Access the Similarity Report within VU Collaborate to view highlighted matched text, identified sources, and an overall similarity percentage score.

This guide shows how to submit to an Assessment Dropbox and then view the Turnitin Similarity report.



Submit to an Assessment Dropbox

Assessment Dropboxes with Turnitin enabled will generate a similarity report. This may be in your unit space, or you can use the test folder in the Student Induction space. This guide will show how to submit to the Turnitin Check - Test Folder Dropbox, in the Student Induction space.

You can use this folder to submit and review the report before submitting to the unit dropbox.

1. In the Induction space, on the navbar, select Assessments (1), then Dropbox (2).

assessment dropbox

2. Select the Turnitin Check - Test Folder (1).

select the turnitin check dropbox

3. Dropboxes with Turnitin enabled will display a message (1) at the top of the dropbox.

4. Submit your Assessment, see Submitting to, and Viewing Feedback, in the Assessment Dropbox for more instructions. 

turnitin enabled


Access the Similarity Report

Higher Ed and Student Induction spaces

1. In HE units and Student Induction space, on the navbar, select Assessments, then Dropbox.

2. Under the Completion Status column, select the submissions link (A), or View History (B).

view submission history

3. Select the Similarity Report score (1), to access the report.

select similarity score

TAFE spaces

  • In a TAFE space, on the Navigation Bar, select Submission Folder
  • In the Submission folder page
    • From the Assessment Dropbox list, select the required Dropbox
    • Select Apply
  • Select the similarity score to view the report


View the Similarity Report

Feedback Studio displays the similarity report, with highlighted matches. Take some time to become familiar with the interface:

  • Layers (1) toggle on/off 
  • Feedback (2) (if provided)
  • Similarity (3)
  • Download (digital receipt) and Document Information (4)
  • Navigate between pages, by expanding the thumbnail bar (5) and locking open
  • Word count (6) and resize (7) submission view.

feedback studio

Review your report to check:

  • Quoted text (highlighted text), has quotation marks and in-text citation
  • Paraphrased text, is written in your own words (not just a couple of words changed), and has a citation
  • You are not over-using quotations, and;
  • You are using the correct referencing style.



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