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the technical aspects of the system

Submitting to, and Viewing Feedback, in the Assessment Dropbox

To see how to submit an assessment submission to a dropbox, and how to view assessment feedback in VU Collaborate, watch the short videos below.


The following list outlines the file types permitted to upload into an Assessment Dropbox: 

ExtentionFile Type
HTM, HTML, MHT, MHTML Web Document


 This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation.


Naming your Assessment ( Troubleshooting )

It is important to name your Assessment File appropriately in a professional manner so that the Dropbox recognises your work.

For most assessments, the correct file naming procedure will follow the following layout.

  • Unit Code - Assessment #Number - Assessment Name - Full Name - Student Number

Name File

Your file does not upload when:

  • The filename contains illegal characters.
  • Rename your file and try uploading again if it contains the following characters:
    \ / : * ? “ < > | ~ # % & ' { }
  • The file name is too long. We recommend that you keep the file name under 120 characters.

Upload the Correct File:

When you save a file in Microsoft Office, for example, a file called assignment.docx, you may find two files saved on your computer: assignment.docx and ~$assignment.docx.

This is because Office creates both a temporary file and the document file, where the temporary file begins with ~$. Ensure you are uploading the actual document instead of the temporary file, as the temporary file will not open and contains no data.


Submit to an Assessment Dropbox Folder 

1. Access the unit space in VU Collaborate where you wish to submit an assessment.

2. On the main navigation bar, click Assessment.  

3. Select Dropbox.

  Assessment dropbox

 4. You should now see the Assessment Dropbox Folders page. Next, open the folder that requires a submission. 

  Assessment dropbox folder

5. Click Add a File to submit a file. 

   Add assessment file

6. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to attach files from your local computer or storage device, a personal locker, a group locker, ePortfolio or from your OneDrive Files.  

Select one of the following attach settings to find your assessment and upload it onto VU collaborate.

  Dropbox Add a file

7. Select the location of your assessment, then select your file.  

8. Provide any Comments you wish to submit with the file.

9. Click Submit.

  Provide any comments with assessmentspng

10. This is the confirmation screen. You will also receive an email confirmation of your submission. 

Successful Submission Message

11. Ensure your file is correct and successfully uploaded. Once completed, click Done. 

  • View History provides a view of your previous submissions. A list of submitted files displays on the Submission History page. You can view each file size, submission date, whether comments were included with it, and who has retrieved it. For group dropbox folders, you can check who submitted each file. 
  • Upload More Files allows for additional submissions to the current dropbox.  


Submitting Group Work to an Assessment Dropbox Folder 

 Any user in your group can submit files to the assessment dropbox folder. The Submissions column indicates how many files your group has submitted.

1. On the Assessment Dropbox Folders page, click on the group dropbox folder you want to submit to. Group dropbox folders have a Group icon Icon group beside their names.

Group dropbox to submit assessment into

2. Follow the submission instructions above from Steps 5 - 11. 


Reviewing your Assessment Dropbox Folder Submission History

A list of submitted files is available on the Submission History page. You can view each file's size, submission date, whether comments were included with it, and who has retrieved it. For group dropbox folders, you can check who submitted each file.

Follow the instructions below to view submission history:

1. On the Assessment Dropbox Folders page, click on the numerical value under the submissions column.

Submission view

2. On the Submission History, you can change which assessment history to view by adjusting the drop-field. 

Submission history

 3. Click Apply once an assessment has been selected.


Viewing Feedback in Assessment Dropbox 

1. When you have new feedback on an assessment dropbox, you will receive notifications in VU Collaborate. These will appear in the upper notification window and in the updates section. 

notification bell

Notification message

Once in the Dropbox folder, you will see the word Unread in the Evaluation Status column of your Assessment Dropbox. Click the word Unread to view the feedback left on your submission.

Feedback view2

If a teacher has left annotations on your assessment using the annotation tool, then the following message will appear: View Inline Feedback. To read the feedback, simply click on View Inline Feedback

View Inline Feedback

Once inside, you shall be able to view the annotations left by your teacher. 

Viewing annotation notes

If a teacher has left feedback without using the annotation tool, then the following image will appear Feedback: Unread. To read the feedback simply click on Feedback: Unread.

Feedback Unread

2. You will be able to view your grade, rubric and feedback comments from the View Feedback page. 

3. When you are finished viewing feedback, click Done

Rubric comment view 001