Using Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser (RLDB) is a locked browser for taking quizzes. It prevents those taking the quiz from printing, copying, going to another website, or accessing other applications during the quiz.

Respondus can only be used on a laptop or desktop computer on campus in class.


Please watch the short introduction video: 


Here are the steps to Using Respondus LockDown Browser:


Step One: Downloading & Installing Respondus LockDown Browser

You may download Respondus LockDown Browser directly from Respondus website or through quizzes in VU Collaborate.


Step 1.1: Download and test Respondus through quizzes in VU Collaborate

1. Go to the Student Induction VU Collaborate Space

2. Click Assessments and then select Quizzes.


Image select quizzes


2. From the Quiz List select the quiz that requires Respondus LockDown Broswer.


Image select quiz from quiz list


3. Upon selecting the quiz click Download Respondus LockDown Browser which will redirect to Respondus website.


Image Download RLDB


Or, Step 1.2: Download directly from Respondus website

1. Click to Download Respondus LockDown Browser


Step Two: Launching a Quiz Using Respondus LockDown Browser

1. Access VU Collaborate and select the unit that you have to attempt the quiz for. You can select units by clicking on the waffle icon waffle icon  on the top right.


Image click waffle icon


2. Select the unit where you will be taking the quiz.


Image access unit


3. Click Assessments and then select Quizzes.


Image select quizzes


4. From the Quiz List select the quiz that requires Respondus LockDown Broswer.


Image select quiz from quiz list

Tip: Sample Test Quiz in this example is always available in the Student Induction unit space for you to try for unlimited attempts. 

Note: If you are taking a quiz that uses RLDB on your own computer, it is necessary for you to have the RLDB downloaded and installed on your computer; you can use this quiz to do so.

5. To start the quiz click Launch LockDown Browser.


Image Launch LockDown Browser


6. Close all other programs before you launch the LockDown Browser.  If you have other programs open on your computer, you will get a notice to close each of the programs that will look like the picture below.

Click on Yes.

RLDB launch and requesting closure of programs


7. The quiz will start in Respondus LockDown Browser (opens in separate window) and will be same as Taking a quiz like any other quiz. Ensure that each answer is saved as you go through the quiz.

Note: If Respondus LockDown browser is not installed then you will need to click Download or follow the Download Respondus LockDown Browser steps in this guide.

Image RLDB not installed error


Step Three: Troubleshooting - Closing the browser

If any technical issue occurs here are the steps to close the browser.

 1. Click the Information icon and notify the teacher.


Image Respondus information button


If you are using a Mac computer, the icon is a world globe instead.


Respondus Lockdown Browser pic for Mac


2. The teacher will then enter a password and close the LockDown Browser for you.

3. The quiz can then be restarted and continued on from where it was last saved.


Step four: Taking a Quiz on an iPad

If the teacher has specifically said that the quiz can be taken on an iPad click on below link for futher instructions on taking a quiz on an iPad.

Instructions for students - Can an iPad be used to take a LockDown Browser exam?

Note: Taking a quiz on an iPad is only possible if the option is enabled by your teacher for that specific quiz.