Online Tests and Final Assessments - FAQs

Block units utilise online assessments, including week 4 final assessments or exams. An online final assessment will likely take place in your regular classroom during class time, but may be in an alternative room or computer lab and you may need to Bring Your Own Device/laptop - BYOD (see below for more details).

VU uses Respondus LockDown Browser to maintain the integrity of online assessments. You will access your final assessment via Quizzes, in your unit VU Collaborate space.

What are the Advantages of online assessments?

  • more opportunity to edit, revise and review your work (e.g. cut and paste)
  • Respondus software is part of VU Collaborate, which you will already be familiar with through regular use in all your units
  • a more environmentally-friendly alternative to paper
  • can better support students with special needs (enlarging text, integration with some assistive software)
  • allows for a wide variety of question formats as well as options for multimedia
  • better opportunity for your teachers to provide you with valuable feedback in a short timeframe.

How does Respondus maintain the integrity of assessments?

Basically, Respondus ‘Locks down’ your internet browser, preventing you from navigating around the computer as you usually would. During a Respondus assessment you cannot:

  • open a new tab
  • open another application
  • print
  • copy and paste from outside the quiz
  • click on and access links (unless specified by the academic in the settings).

What do I need to do to prepare for an online final assessment?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Install Respondus LockDown Browser

If your digital assessment is BYOD, YOU WILL NEED TO INSTALL Respondus LockDown Browser on your device PRIOR to your in class online assessment.

  • See Using Respondus Lockdown Browser, for a step-by-step guide.
  • Check the System Requirements for LockDown Browser to ensure your laptop is suitable.
  • If you are wanting to use an iPad, check with your teacher to find out if the test will be setup for iPads.
    Note: Taking a quiz on an iPad is only possible if the option is enabled by your teacher for that specific quiz.

You should do this 1-2 weeks before the final assessment and contact ITS immediately if there are any issues. If you come to the assessment without having installed Respondus, you will have to do it there which will take up some of your allocated assessment time. You will not be given any extra time to install it.

Library Laptop Loans

If you do not have your own suitable device, laptops can be loaned from the Library for 5 hours at a time (City, Footscray Nicholson, Footscray Park and St Albans), ask a librarian at the front desk to reserve one. It is recommended that you borrow a library laptop prior to the final assessment to familiarise yourself with it.

Library loan laptops already have Respondus LockDown Browser installed. See using the Library Study Room, Laptop & Specialist PC Booking, to find out how to book a laptop.

Apply for a Student Loan

As a student you may be eligible for a student loan.


What technical support will be available on the day?

During the assessment, there will be staff available to assist you. The academic for the unit, an invigilator and possibly an IT support person will be in the room.

In the unlikely event that your laptop freezes or loses connection, raise your hand to notify the invigilator who will assist you. Respondus saves when you move forward or back through the questions or when you click anywhere outside the text field. So once the issue is resolved, you can pick up where you left off. Follow the steps in the Using Respondus Lockdown Browser, to practice and familiarise yourself with Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Alternative arrangements

If you have special needs and require assistance, please contact your teacher, unit convenor or disability support services as soon as possible. If you would like to request special consideration, please contact the unit convenor.