This section covers setting up your calendar, managing calendar events and subscribing to iCal feeds

 Navigate VU Collaborate Calendar

The Calendar is accessible through the right-hand side of VU Collaborate's main homepage, or the homepage of any unit space.

You may need to scroll further down the page, depending on the amount of information featured.


Interface Overview

calendar user interface


  1.  Calendar views allows you to adjust how your upcoming events are displayed. This can range from daily to monthly calendar views, or in list form from a selected period of time.

  2. Calendar Content is the area which displays your upcoming events, as set by Calendar Views.

  3. Calendar Menu allows you to filter your activities displayed per unit or select to show all activities across your studies.

  4. Mini Calendar provides a space to quickly navigate between dates.

  5. Task Pane provides an area for you to set and view activities relevant to your studies.

Activities in Calendar

There are two different types of activities in the Calendar tool:

  • Calendar Events

    2018 06 06 1320

Events record and display activities relevant to study undertakings. This can vary from assessment due dates to important information sessions. These items are generated from course content in VU Collaborate spaces.

  • Calendar Tasks

    2018 06 06 1316

Tasks are activities you manually create within the Calendar tool. You can create multiple tasks for the same unit object or across multiple study areas.

Further Calendar Assistance

Visit these guides to find more information on using Calendar in VU Collaborate: