This section covers setting up your calendar, managing calendar events and subscribing to iCal feeds

Personalising Your Calendar

This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation: 

There are many things you can do to change how the Calendar Tool displays information to you.

To access the basic calendar settings:

  • Click Settings to the left of the Search bar

Calendar Settings

From here you can:

  • Change the number of hours displayed and display or hide weekends.
  • Change Task Options to alter the way tasks are displayed.

Settings menu with core hours options andtask options

Filtering your Calendar

You can switch your view of the subject/unit by changing your active course calendar.

1. Select a course from the All Calendars menu to activate it.

Note: Even when you set your current calendar, the calendar content area will, by default, show events from all the units listed in the calendar menu. 

All calendars dropdown menu

2. Click a unit name from the calendar menu. This switches your mode in the organisation to the unit you selected.

Removing Units from the Calendar

To remove the calendar events for a particular unit:

  1. Click the calendar menu in the calendar content area.
  2. Select the Remove Calendar icon beside the unit you want to remove.

Cross icon for removing units from calendar

Restoring Units to the Calendar

You can restore a previously removed unit calendar. To do this:

  1. Click the calendar menu in the calendar content area and select the Add Calendar (+) icon. This will bring you to the Add Calendars page.

plus icon for adding units into calendar

  1. Click the checkbox next to the calendar’s name.
  2. Add them to your display by clicking Add.

Viewing your Calendar

View a Unit/Course schedule

  • Select a unit from the calendar menu.
  • You will see the unit name displayed as the menu name. Click on it to view that unit's schedule. 

View Event Details

Do one of the following:

  • Click on the event in the day, week, or month view to access a partial display of event details.
  • Click More… to see full event details in these views, including any content available for viewing.

    Calendar task

  • Click the event in the List view to access full event details. 

    Calendar List

Displaying Events in Agenda View

View as an agenda

To display calendar content in the Agenda view, click Agenda in the calendar views area.

Change event grouping

You can change how events in the agenda are grouped using the Date, Course, and Category options in the calendar content area.

Change time range

To change the time range of the list of events in the Agenda view, toggle the  left- and  right-facing arrows. Your choices are:

  • Today and tomorrow
  • Next 7 days
  • Next 14 days.

Calendar view settings

Displaying events by day, week, or month

Click between the Day, Week, and Month buttons to toggle the way the calendar displays events.

Displaying events in List view

In the List view, you can see all your unit events in a list. You can also filter them by type: Dropbox, Checklists, Discussions, Grades, Materials, Modules, Quizzes, and Surveys.

Printing calendars

You can print a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar from the calendar views area, as well as an agenda or list view of your calendar. Click Print and select your Print Options.

Use Tasks to keep your unit events distinct from your personal tasks.

Create tasks

  • Enter the name of the task in the Add a task… field.
  • Click the task name to add a due date and notes to your task or to delete your task.

tasks menu

The system will automatically sort the tasks into Today, Upcoming, and Someday in the main task pane, depending on their due date.

  • Click the task name to show task details.
  • Click directly on the No due date text to bring up a date selector field.
  • Select a due date, and click the Save due date icon.
  • Add explanatory notes to your task. Click on the Add a note... field to enter your notes.

Task details with date, delete icon

Mark a task complete

Select the checkbox beside the task name in the task pane. The task disappears from view, but remains in your searchable task archive.

Complete task

Note:  Tasks will only disappear when you mark them complete if you have selected Hide completed tasks in the drop-down list under Completed Tasks in Settings.

 Viewing Completed Tasks

You can bring up a list of completed tasks by clicking View Completed Tasks in the task pane. However, you can choose to display completed tasks for a certain period of time in the task pane before they are hidden.

Display or hide completed tasks

  • Click Settings in the calendar views area.
  • Under Completed Tasks, select your preferred setting for completed tasks using the drop-down list.

Delete tasks

To delete one task:
  • Click on the task name to see task details.
  • Click the Delete icon.

delete icon

Delete multiple tasks:
  • Click the context menu for Tasks.
  • Select Delete. On the Confirmation page, choose the type of tasks to select for bulk deletion.
  • Click Delete.