This section explains Panopto, VU Collaborate's integrated video creation, management, sharing and editing tool.

Submitting your Video Assessment Task in VU Collaborate

When submitting a video assessment task, you should upload the video to the Panopto Platform using the Victoria University internet. Uploading a video from home can take a significant amount of time due to the large file sizes and slow home internet upload speeds. The Victoria University network offers significantly higher upload speeds and will provide a much faster and reliable experience when uploading your video.

  • Have your video prepared and ready in one of the supported video formats. The following formats are the most commonly used: mp4, m4v, wmv, movOther supported formats are: 3gp, asf, avi, flv, mkv, mpg, mpeg, ogv, webm

Video and Photographic Cameras
Most video and photographic cameras will record in their own proprietary format which may not be supported by the Panopto video platform. If you are using a Video or Photographic Camera to shoot your video make sure that you set the recording format to mp4 (or one of the supported formats listed above) before making your video. This will ensure the video can be uploaded to the system.


Below are the links you can use to navigate through the guide:


Accessing Panopto

1. Go to VU Collaborate and navigate to the Space for your unit.

2. Select the Video tab, this will open your Panopto homepage in a new tab.

Step 1

You should not have to login but if you do, use your usual MYVU portal username and password. If you are asked for your email address, use the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address instead of username.

3. Click the Next button and take a tour of Panopto and its features.

Step 2

Uploading Content to Panopto

1. Click on My Folder.

Step 3

2. Select Create, then Select Upload Media.

Step 4

3. You can either drag your media into panopto or click and search your computer for the file.

Step 5

4. Once you have selected your file it will then take a moment to upload.

Step 6 3

The time taken to process the video is approximately the length of the video itself. For example, a 15 minute video clip will take approximately 15 minutes to process.

5. Once the video has uploaded, close the window.

Step 7

6. The video will now take a moment to process - it is normal for this to take a few minutes, please ensure you do not close the Panopto tab at this time.

Step 8


Submitting your Content Using Panopto

There are two options to share your Panopto video depending on what your instructor has asked for. You are able to share the link into an assessment dropbox or share the video directly with your instructor.

Option 1 - Copying a Link and Uploading it to an Assessment Dropbox:

1. Select My Folder to view your uploaded videos and click Share.

 Step 9

 2. When submitting to a dropbox, you need to ensure that anyone who clicks on that link can open it.  First select the type of access for this video by clicking the dropdown arrow next to Specific people, then select Anyone with the link

Panopto share dropdown arrow

Panopto Anyone with the link

3. Highlight and copy the supplied Link.

 link code

4. Now, return to the VU Collaborate Space for your unit and go to the Dropbox by clicking on Assessments then Dropbox.

 Assessment Dropbox selection

5. Select the relevant Assessment Dropbox folder by clicking on the title of the assessment.

6. Paste (Ctrl+V) the link into the textbox.

7. If additional documents are required to be added for your assessment click add a file.

 drop box submit echo360 link other files

8. When all files have been added and you are ready to continue, click Submit to complete the submission of your assessment task.

Option 2 - Sharing your Panopto Video Directly with Your Instructor:

1. Select My Folder to view your uploaded videos and click Share.

Step 9

2. To share a video directly with your instructor select the input box directly under invite people and type your instructors name.

invite people

3. Panopto will provide a list of appropriate names, select your instructor.

Select instructors name

4. Be sure to select Notify People Via Email, this sends an automated email to your instructor informing them that you have shared your content. You may also include a personal message to be delivered with the email.

Step 12


Further Support

For technical support, please contact the ITS Service Desk on 9919 2777 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.