This section explains Panopto, VU Collaborate's integrated video creation, management, sharing and editing tool.

Using Panopto App on iOS 

Students can download the Panopto application on iOS. This will enable them to view existing recordings of their units and to create and upload their own recordings as well. This guide will cover all aspects that students need to be aware of while navigating the Panopto iOS application.


The links below cover the different topics that will facilitate the navigation through this iOS application easily:


Downloading Panopto on iOS

1. Go to the VU Collaborate space and click on video to be directed to Panopto.

2. Once you get access to it, click on 'Panopto for iOS' on the top right-hand corner.

Panaopto App

 3. You will then be directed to download the application.
Once downloaded, click on Open to launch Panopto on iOS.

4. Click on the triple bar menu to see the options available for you to use.
They are divided into three categories: Account, Watch, Create.



Viewing Panopto Sessions

 1. To view the sessions on the Panopto server, click on the triple bar menu on the top left corner and click on All Sessions to see all the sessions that you have access to on Panopto.

2. Click on the session that relates to what you are looking for to watch it. 

3. While you watch the video, you will also be presented with a Table of Contents to view specific portions of the video when you click on the first icon on the left corner of the screen.


The other icons from left to right are Discussion/Comments, Notes and Search:
Discussions/Comments: Allows you to comment and discuss with other users while viewing the video.
Notes: Allows you to leave notes that only you can come back to during the video. Other users will not be able to see your notes. 
Search: This feature allows you to search for specific keywords within the video.


Browsing for Panopto Sessions 

If you are looking to browse for a specific session, you can tap on Browse
You can then search for videos within the folders available by typing the details of the session you are looking for.


Creating a Panopto Video 

1. To create a Panopto video, click on Record & upload under Create

2.  You can either create a new recording in the folder available or you can join a live session. 

3. When you click on the folder to create a new video, you will have the options of either to start recording or to choose a video.


 4. If you click on start recording, you will be able to record a video as you would normally do it on the normal video camera mode with the flip, pause and cancel options available. 


5. If you click on Choose a video, you will be able to select a video from your gallery.
You will also be able to crop it at the top of your screen.
Once you are satisfied with it, click on Choose

6. Once it is done, add a title name and click on upload so your video gets uploaded. 


For more information on how to use 'Panopto' on iOS, please refer to Recording a Video using Panopto for MacRecording Panopto videos on Windows or Using the video editor