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Update Your Zoom Profile

Victoria University has Netiquette guidelines, that students must follow when attending an online/virtual class. This includes having your camera on when requested and having a recent photograph as a profile picture for when your camera is off.

This guide shows how to update your profile image, via the VU Zoom Portal, desktop app or mobile app.

Google Chrome is recommended for Zoom and VU Collaborate, make sure to regularly update Google Chrome for usability and security.

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VU Zoom Portal

To update your profile image in the VU Zoom Portal:

1. Go to Victoria University Zoom Portal

2. Click Sign in, and login with your Student UserID: and Password

Select Sign In on the Zoom Conferencing Portal Page

3. In the navigation menu, select Profile.

4. Click on the profile image to add or update your profile image.

5. In the pop-up window, drag and drop your profile image, or click Choose File, to locate and select your image.

choose file to update profile picture

6. If required, crop your image, then select Save.

crop image then select save


Desktop app

To update your profile image on your desktop app:

1. Launch the desktop Zoom app.

2. Click the Settings (1) icon.

3. From the side menu, select Profile (2).

4. Click the profile image to locate and select a profile image.

5. If required, crop your image, then select Save.

update profile image in desktop app


Mobile App

To update your profile image in the Mobile App (Android or iPhone):

1. Launch the zoom app, and login if required.

2. From the bottom menu, click the Settings icon or (...) More.

3. Click your Name.

4. Click Profile Photo, then select to take a photo with the Camera, or Select from Photo Album.

5. With your selected photo, crop if required, then select Done to confirm your selection.