Creating Artefacts and Managing Collections 

Artefacts are ePortfolio items that can be uploaded from your computer or sourced online.

You can include Artefacts in your ePortfolio as stand-alone items or you can insert them into presentations or collections. Collections are a great way to organise your ePortfolio items.

For example, you might create collections based on the subject matter, learning outcome or theme. Items can belong to more than one Collection within ePortfolio.

This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation: 

Step One: Navigate to ePortfolio & My Items

1. From your VU Collaborate home page, navigate to the Unit Learning Space homepage.

2. Select Toolbox from the Navbar and then select My ePortfolio.

Navigate to ePortfolio

3. Select the My Items tab within ePortfolio.

My Items tab within ePortfolio

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Step Two: Upload an Artefact from Your Computer 

1. Navigate to the Add menu and select the Files from computer option.

Upload an artefact from your computer to ePortfolio

2. Click Upload to browse your computer and select the file you want to add.

3. Click Add.

4. Confirm that you selected the correct file, then click Next.

Add file to ePortfolio

Tip: Consider compressing large media files before you upload them to save space in your ePortfolio. Full resolution files are not usually necessary for display on the web.

5. Give the file a Name and Description.

6. Add any Tags you want the artefact to have.

7. Click Save when you are done.

Saving file in ePortfolio

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Step Three: Create a Web Document Artefact 

1. To incorporate a web document into your ePortfolio, from the Add menu, select the Web Document option.

Create a Web Document Artefact

2. Enter the title of your Artefact in the File Name text box.

3. Use the Content editor to create your artefact. You can upload images, video, websites, and other document types by selecting the Insert Stuff menu on the left-hand side of the toolbar. 

Edit to create artefact in eportfolio

Tip: You can expand the Content editor by clicking the icon with the four inverted arrows which is the Toggle Fullscreen button 

4. Once you have navigated to the piece of content you want to insert, click on the Insert button.

 Insert Stuff Video in ePortfolio

 Insert Video in ePortfolio

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Step Four: Finalise Your Artefact 

1. Once you have inserted your content, you will be taken to a new page where you be asked to name your Artefact. You can also insert more content into the Content editor via the toolbar.

2. To rename your file, enter a new name into the File Name text box.

Finalise artefact

3. Once you are satisfied with the information you have provided in the content editor, click on Next.

4. Next, you will be taken to a new screen where you will be able to include a description and associate tags with your Artefact.

  • Include a description of your Artefact by typing in the Description text editor.
  • Include relevant tags by typing them into the Tags text box and clicking on Add Tag.

Insert detail of video ePortfolio

5. When you are finished, remember to click on Save.

6. You can now view your finalised Artefact in your ePortfolio. You can add comments or reflections to your Artefacts or even submit them to a Dropbox.

 Items view in ePortfolio

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Step Five: Manage Collections in ePortfolio

You can create Collections to group your items within ePortfolio. An item can be part of one or many Collections. Creating a Collection can make it easier to showcase a specific aspect of your work. For example, you can group your items by theme or subject matter.

1. To create a Collection, navigate to the My Items tab of the ePortfolio menu and click on New Collection.

Manage collections in ePortfolio

2. Make sure you give your Collection a name and include a description in the text editor boxes on this page.

3. You can also associate tags by typing an appropriate tag label and clicking Add Tag.

Naming collection

4. You can attach a Reflection or Comment on this screen by clicking on Add Reflection or Add Comment.

Add Reflection or Add Comment ePortfolio

Step Six: Add an Item to a Collection 

To add an item to one or more Collections:

1. From the My Items menu, find the appropriate item and click on the drop-down menu arrow next to the name of the item.

2. Select Add to Collection from the menu that appears.

Add to Collection 

3. Select the appropriate Collection/s by ticking the associated checkbox/es.

4. Click on Add. 

Add to Collections ePortfolio

5. You can review the collection by returning to your My Items page and clicking on the relevant Collection.

 Review My Items in ePortfolio

6. Your item should now be included in the relevant Collection.

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