Submit Your ePortfolio Presentation to an Assessment Dropbox

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e-portfolio presentations can be marked by your instructors if you submit them directly to an Assessment Dropbox folder. Remember that once you have submitted your e-portfolio presentation you can still change it, but these changes will not be reflected in the dropbox submission. This is to ensure that your finished work is marked once it has been submitted to the dropbox.

Accessing Dropbox

1. Log in to VU Collaborate, access the relevant space and click on Dropbox, under the Assessments menu.


Selecting the Dropbox to Upload

1. Select the Assessment Dropbox folder where you were asked by your Instructor to submit your e-portfolio presentation.

Remember that the Assessment Dropbox area might have various folders for the submission of your assignments through the semester. Make sure that you submit your presentation in the correct dropbox folder.

dropbox folder

Adding a Submission 

1. Click on Add a File to submit your ePortfolio presentation.

add file

Finding Your ePortfolio Presentation

1. Click on ePortfolio and search for the title of your presentation using the Search For option.


2. Click on the Search icon search icon .

3. Select your presentation and click on Select Item.

search icon

Submission of Your ePortfolio Presentation 

1. Your presentation will appear as a d2lresource link in the submission area.

2. Click Submit to continue. 


3. You will receive a confirmation message and an email for submitting your presentation. Click Done to finish. 


4. You can confirm that your presentation has been submitted to the correct Dropbox as this will appear in the Submissions area. 

dropbox submission