Using ePortfolio After Graduating

This guide provides you with instructions on how to create a Desire2Learn (D2L) EduDentity account. This will give you access to the myDesire2Learn website where you can import your ePortfolio content, allowing you to showcase your work outside of the VU Collaborate Learning Management System.

This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation:

Step One: Create an Account with Desire2Learn 

You will need to export your ePortfolio content to the external Desire2Learn website myDesire2Learn. This will require you to create a free EduDentity account with Desire2Learn.

1. Click on this link and read the service agreement.
2. Make sure you confirm that you are over the age of 13 by checking the box.
3. Click Accept.

terms of agreement

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Step Two: Enter your Account Details

1. Fill out the details on the form that appears. This will ask you to nominate a: name, email address, password and a security question.

2. Click Create Account.

Note:  It is recommended that you nominate a personal email address as you may no longer be using your VU email address after you graduate.

create an account

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Step Three: Activate your Account

A new page will load, redirecting you to your email. You should have received an email from Desire2Learn with a link that will activate your EduDentity account.

1. Leave this page open.

2. Open up your email.

activate account

3. Locate the email from Desire2Learn and open it.

4. Carefully read the email and then either click on the activation link or copy the URL into your browser.

5. A page will appear verifying your EduDentity account with Desire2Learn.

account activation

6. Open the previous ‘Activate EduDentity Account’ page and select Continue. (if you have closed this page, click on this link and log in with your new account).

continue tab

7. On the myDesire2Learn page, you will be greeted with a Welcome page.

8. Read the information carefully and then click Close.

close tab

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Step Four: Upload your ePortfolio Content

myDesire2Learn looks similar to ePortfolio within VU Collaborate and therefore should be familiar to navigate.

1. Select My Items from the menu.

my items

2. From My Items, select More Actions and then Go to Import/Export Page.

my items more action

3. Click on Import.


4. Select Choose File under Select File to Import.

choose file

5. You will need to locate your previously exported ePortfolio files on your hard drive. For more information on how to export files, see Exporting Items from ePortfolio. Select the appropriate file and click on Open.

6. Check that you have selected the correct file by viewing the file name that will have just appeared.

open file

7. Select Next.

next tab

8. Your file will commence uploading.


9. Have a look at the preview imported content and unselect anything that you do not require by clicking on the x.

10. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Import when you are satisfied.

select import

11. Your content may take a moment to import so select Done for the time being.

Tip: You have the option to attach tags to your imported content.

select done

12. Navigate back to My Items from the menu. If your imported content is finished uploading, it will now appear in my items. If it is not present, wait a few minutes and refresh your browser.

Finally, your ePortfolio content is now available in myDesire2Learn and can be shared with users outside of VU Collaborate.

My items list

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