User Progress

Learn how to track your progress in VU Collaborate

About User Progress

The User Progress tool helps track your progress in a unit by measuring the completion of 9 different progress indicators. You can use User Progress to keep track of all course-specific assignments and feedback.

This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation:

Step One: Access User Progress

1. Log into VU Collaborate and navigate to your desired unit space.

2. Click Toolbox from the main navigation bar and select User Progress.  

user progress

3. User Progress contains 9 sub-categories, each providing a different view. Continue to read on to learn about all the different progress indicators.

progress summary

Step Two: Understanding User Progress

Summary provides an overview of each progress indicator.

1. Click the drop-down arrow under each indicator to view more detail.

Progress summary 001

Step Three: Grades

Provides an overview of the grades you’ve received in a unit, including the grade and feedback (if applicable).

1. Click the Feedback button under each Grade Item to view any feedback left by the teacher.

Grade user progress

Step Four: Content

Content Progress provides detailed information on which content topics you’ve visited and the time you spent on each topic.

Statistics show the number of visits, time spent and the number of topics visited.

1. Click the drop-down arrow under each Content topic to display additional information.

content progress

Step Five: Discussions

Discussions provide an overview of the threads and topics available within the Space.

You can view statistics such as Posts Read, Threads Created; and Replies Posted.  

1. Click the drop-down arrow under each Discussion Topic to view threads.

discussion progress 1

Step Six: Dropbox

Dropbox displays the available assessment dropbox folders within the Space, and which you have successfully submitted to.

The Grades plot graph represents the range of possible grades (0%-100%) in one bar. The start and end brackets represent the actual range of grades for the item. The start bracket represents the lowest grade achieved for the grade item, while the end bracket represents the highest grade achieved for the grade item.  The blue bar represents the middle range of grades for the class, excluding the bottom 25% of the class and the top 25% of the class.  A black square represents your grade for the item. Your grade also displays numerically, along with any previously established grade and colour schemes.  A vertical white line represents the mean grade for the item.

1. Click the drop-down arrow under each Dropbox to view additional details, such as feedback.

 Dropbox progress Student view

Tip: You can view more information by hovering your mouse over the blue bar. However, the teacher may choose not to utilise this feature.

Step Seven: Quizzes

This provides an overview of the Quizzes available in a Space and the status, the number of attempts and grade you received for each Quiz.

1. Click the drop-down arrow under each Quiz to display additional details. 

quizzes progress

Step Eight: Checklist

Provides an overview of all checklists used, including the items that are in progress, completed and not started. Teachers may use checklists to highlight important or required assignments, readings, or other items to complete. 

Note: Teachers may not choose to utilise this feature.

Checklist progress

Step Nine: Survey

Provides an overview of any of the surveys available in the Space and the status and number of attempts completed by you for each survey.

Survey progress

Step Ten: Course Access

Provides a detailed view into how many times you have accessed this particular Space over the last 30 days.

Course Access

Step Eleven: Login History

Provides a detailed record of the dates and duration of your activity within VU Collaborate.

1. Click the drop-down arrow under each Session date to view additional details.

login history