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Viewing Your Attendance Data

Attending lectures and tutorial classes is an important part of your educational journey as a student at Victoria University.

The Attendance tool can be used by teachers to keep track of student engagement.

If a teacher is using the Attendance tool, you can also track your recorded attendance in VU Collaborate. 

Accessing Attendance

After logging in to VU Collaborate and navigating to the desired space, click on Toolbox in the navbar and select Attendance from the drop-down menu.

Attendance menu bar

Attendance Registers

If a teacher is using the Attendance tool, you will be able to view the registers that have been set up in that particular space.

To view registers click on the Register Name you would like to view.

Attendance register

Note: If no registers are set up in a space then the Attendance tool will be empty. This means that the teacher in charge of this particular space has not elected to use the Attendance tool.

Viewing a Register

Once you have selected a Register, you will be able to see your Attendance Status for individual Sessions and a summary of your attendance for the overall register.

Attendance Summary will often be marked at 100% if most dates are marked present however, this will depend on how the register has been set up for individual spaces and may depend on specific course and unit requirements.

Tip: You can expand or limit the number of sessions displayed per page. 

Attendance data