Learn a wide range of accesibility tools and functions available in VU Collaborate

Browser Text Size and Accessibility

This topic provides information on how to increase text and image size and select accessibility settings.


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Browser settings

Text, image size - Google Chrome

  • On the top right, click More (three vertical dots).
  • Next to Zoom, 
    • Make text and images smaller: Click - to zoom in.
    • Make text and images larger: Click + to zoom out.
  • Click Settings
    • Click Appearance to select font size, customise font and select zoom

See also Change text, images and video sizes (zoom), by Google Chrome Help.


Accessibility - Google Chrome

To learn how to use spoken feedback, navigate with your keyboard, adjust webpage colour and more, see 


Browser Support - see also



 Account Settings

There are several options in your Account Settings, that may improve readability.


Access Account Settings

From any location in VU Collaborate, on the top navigation bar, click on your name (1) and then select Account Settings (2).

select account settings

Account Settings tab

  • Font Settings: This setting allows you to change the font size to suit your preferred size, there are four options available to choose from: Small, Medium, Large, and Huge.

student guide 2.2png

  • Reading Content: This setting is recommended to be disabled if you use a screen reader, this stops items from being marked as read as the page scrolls.
  • Video Settings: This setting allows assistive technologies to detect video content on the pages you visit, videos will overlap menus if this setting is enabled.

select reading conent and video settings

Discussions tab

  • Show the discussions topic list: Selecting this option displays the left Topics List pane in the Message List view.
  • Include original message text in reply: Selecting this option includes the original message text in the new message by default when composing a reply.

select discussion display and reply settings