Learn a wide range of accesibility tools and functions available in VU Collaborate

Keyboard-only Navigation Tips

VU Collaborate is a learning management system that enables students to access course material online. There are a number of learning tools within the system that course content is contained in. This topic provides some basic advice for people who navigate VU Collaborate using a keyboard or assistive technologies that emulate a keyboard.

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 Navigating Pages Using a Keyboard

1. Use the Tab key on the keyboard to navigate the options on a page.

2. Use Shift + Tab to return to a previous option. VU Collaborate highlights page elements that you can interact with (such as links, fields and buttons) as you tab through them, to make it easier for you to complete tasks and select options.

Use Tab

3. Press the Enter or Return key to select a link or button on a page.

Pic 6

4. Use the Down Arrow and Up Arrow keys to navigate drop-down lists that have an Apply or Go button beside them.

Down and up arrows

5. Use Alt + Down Arrow keys on (Windows and Linux) to open drop-down lists that do not have an Apply or Go button. 

Use Alt Down Arrow keys Keyboard

5. Use Option + Down Arrow keys on (Mac) to open drop-down lists that do not have an Apply or Go button. 

Option and Down

6. Use the Down ArrowUp Arrow and Enter keys to select an item in the drop-down.

Using Arrow down and up Keyboard 

7. Use the Enter or Return key to open a menu (such as a context menu, an alert or the course selector).

Return or Enter Keyboard

 8. Use the Tab key and Enter key to select a link.

Enter and Return

9. Use the Space Bar to select a checkbox or radio button option.

Space bar

10. Use the Down Arrow and Up Arrow to change a radio button option.

Pic 4


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 Browser Access Keys

 Different browsers use different keystrokes to activate access key shortcuts:

1. For Internet Explorer 8+: use Alt + [accesskey] on (Windows/Linux) 

Internet explorer Windows

2. For Internet Explorer 8+: use Control + [accesskey] on (Mac)

Internet Explorer Mac

3. For Firefox: use Alt + Shift + [accesskey] on (Windows/Linux) 

Firefox browser

4. For Firefox: use Control + [accesskey] on (Mac)

Firefox for Mac

5.For Chrome: Use Alt + [accesskey] on (Windows/Linux)

Chrome Keyboard

6. For Chrome: Control + Option + [accesskey] on (Mac)

Chrome For Mac Keyboard

7. For Safari 4+: use Alt + [accesskey] on (Windows/Linux) 

Safari for Windows

8. For Safari 4+: use Control + Option + [accesskey] on (Mac)

Safari Access key

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 Navigating the HTML Editor

 1. Use Shift + Tab keys to navigate through the options in the HTML Editor.

Tab key and Shift Tab

2. Use the Shift + Arrow Keys to highlight content in the main content area of the editor.

Shift Arrow Keys

3. Use the Shift + Alt + Q keys to jump to the top tool menu of the editor.

Shift Alt Q

4. Use the Shift + Alt + Z keys to jump to the main content area of the editor.

Shift Alt Z

5. Use the Shift + Alt + X keys to jump to the element path for the editor.

Shift Alt X 

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Get Support

If you're a VU student with a disability or medical condition that impacts your studies, and you are having difficulty using VU Collaborate to complete your course work, Accessibility Services can support you.

By working with one of our Accessibility Liaison Officers (ALOs), you can access a range of:

  • support services and resources
  • adjustments for study and assessment.
  • help with learning new technologies
  • seek special accommodations
  • organise tutoring and other support

Access the disability and accessibility support page on the VU website - here.


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