The content tool helps you to access course/unit materials, complete
required activities, and monitor your completion progress on topics

Viewing, Downloading, and Printing Content

Content is the general term used to describe information and/or resources that teachers have chosen to publish within a VU Collaborate space. The published online content in the unit space is used to support learning and teaching objectives of Victoria University.

This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation:

Accessing Content 

To access content in your Space:

1. Select Learning Space from the navbar.

Find Learning Space  

Viewing Content 

In Learning Space the content is organised into modules and sub-modules. Other content items, such as downloadable documents, will be listed within the sub-modules.

To view a content item:

1. From Learning Space click on the module you would like to view. 

Finding the module 

2. Click on the relevant content item

3. This will open up a full content of the module. The relevant items will be listed below the module. For instance, here we have clicked on Week 1 module, the relevant content for Week 1 is listed below. 

Content within the module

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Using the Table of Contents 

1. You can easily navigate through the content within a space by clicking on the Table of Contents and navigating through the Content Modules. 

2. You can expand the modules search by clicking the name of the module.

Expand the itop search

3. The table of contents persists from session to session, allowing you to easily resume from where you left off. This means that a previously opened module in the table of contents, remains open when you log in again. 

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Downloading Content 

You have the option to download entire modules or individual topics so that you can access content when offline.

The example below is from a Mac computer, Windows can look slightly different depending on your personal computer setup.

1. Click on the Download button of the relevant module.

Download whole module

2. A zip file will be downloaded into your computer.

zip file of the whole module

3. To open downloaded file click twice on the zip file, it will take you to the downloads folder in your computer. 

Zip folder in Downloads

4. Click twice on the zip file it will automatically create a formatted file with the same name into your downloads folder.

Find file in your download folder

5. Click on the formatted blue folder to see the downloaded module.

Download whole module2

6. To download a content item, click this download button, which will appear next to or below the content. 

Individual items

7. The steps are identical as shown above except it will download an individual item.

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Navigating, Using Bookmarks, and Opening Content in a New Window 

From within a content page, you can use the controls located at the top right hand of the screen to bookmark content, open content in a new window, and navigate through content.

Navigating Tool Bar

1. To bookmark content click on the bookmark icon.  bookmark icon

2. The icon will go dark and is added to your bookmarks menu for easy reference later.

3. To expand the page to fit in a new window, click on view content in new window icon.  open in new window icon

4. To navigate through the content, menu click on the left arrow or right arrow.  arrows

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Printing Content 

The toolbar at the bottom of the page contains options allowing you to create a reflection on the content within ePortfolio, and download and print the content.

1. To print the content currently displayed, click on the Print button.

2. It will send the item to the nearest printer to Print. 

 There is not a print option for every topic.  Some items need to be downloaded first.

Sending item to the printer 

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