The content tool helps you to access course/unit materials, complete
required activities, and monitor your completion progress on topics

Viewing, Downloading, and Printing Content

Content is the general term used to describe information and resources within a VU Collaborate space, to support your learning. 

This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation:


Accessing Content 

Navigating the Learning Space

1. In your unit space on the navbar, click Learning Space (1)
2. In the table of contents menu, click module (2), and session (3) to view topics.
2. Note your progress of topics completed (4)
3. Click on a topic title (5) to view the topic page

Downloading and Printing

1. Click download (6) to download a zipped file of the current module or session.
2. Click Print (7), to print the current page.
3. Click Alternate Formats (8) icon, to select and download a topic

navigate your learning space print and download content 

Viewing Downloads

  • Navigate to your downloads (1)
  • Double click (or extract) zipped file (2)
  • To view downloaded content (3)

in downloads double click zip to view files

Navigate topic pages

There are a number of ways to navigate between topic pages:

  • Select links on the breadcrumb menu (1)
  • Expand the side panel menu (2)
  • Bookmark (3) pages, for quick access
  • View content in a new window (4)
  • Naviage to the previous or next (5) topic page

navigate between pages


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