The Groups tool helps you to join, participate in groups discussions
and submit your work as a group in VU Collaborate

Using and Managing Groups

Covered within this guide is an overview of how groups operate within VU Collaborate. It includes instructions about how to enrol in a self-enrolment group, how to engage in group discussions and how groups submit assignments to assessment dropboxes.

This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation:

Accessing Groups

After logging into VU Collaborate and navigating to the desired unit space:

1. From the Communication menu in the navigation bar, click on Groups.

How to find Groups 

2. This will take you to a page that displays all of the groups you are currently enrolled in.

List of enrolled groups

You may find that there is a specific group allocation within a unit space. This is so that you can receive information specific to your group. Sometimes content is restricted so that it can be group-specific. This means that space might look different to someone who is enrolled in the same unit but is in a different group.

3. Other groups might have been created by a teacher for the group work within tutorials. This is why it is possible to be enrolled in more than one group at a time.

Students groups

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Self-Enrolling in a Group

In some circumstances, you may need to manually enrol yourself into a group. This is usually the case when a class has been asked to break up into groups to complete group work.

To find out how to add yourself into a group in VU Collaborate, see the video below or read the instructions beneath it.


To self-enrol in one or more groups:

1. Click on View Available Groups on the Groups screen.

 View available groups 

2. Find the appropriate group and then click on Join Group. This will enrol you in the relevant group.

If a teacher has asked you to break up into groups and self-enrol on VU Collaborate, check with your group members to make sure that you are all enrolling in the same group. 

List of available Groups

 3. You will be taken back to the My Groups screen. Check that you have enrolled in the correct group.

 Check correct group enrollment1    

Group member list

 4. In an instance where you would like to change a self-enrolled group, you will be able to unenroll by clicking on Leave Group.



5. Then repeat steps 1 to 3 as shown above, with the group of your choice.

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Utilising Group Discussion Boards

You may have access to a group-specific discussion if the teacher has decided this is appropriate.

To access discussions:

  1. Leave Groups by selecting Discussions from the Communication tab on the navigation bar.


2. View the available discussions under each forum and select the appropriate discussion for a group.

Student discussions

3. Click on Start a New Thread to begin a discussion. You can respond to an existing thread by clicking on the name of the thread and clicking Reply to Thread.

start new thread


See this guide for more information on discussion boards.  

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Submitting to Dropbox as a Group

As part of the group work, you may be required to submit an assignment to a Dropbox on behalf of a group.

1. Select Assessment Dropbox from the Assessments tab on the navigation bar.

Assessments and Dropbox 

2. Locate the relevant Dropbox folder. A group folder will be accompanied by the group icon.

3. Click on the relevant folder.

group submission

4. Double check that you have selected the correct folder by reviewing the title and attached group category and group name at the top of the page.

step04 03

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Add a File. 

If you would like to add any comments for the teacher/s, you can include them in the Text Comments Area. When finalised, click on Submit.

Add file

6. Choose one of the following to add a file:

Dropbox upload options

7. Either drag & drop a file or click upload and select a file. Once completed click add.

Upload file dropbox

8. Double check that all of the details are correct for your submission on the File Upload Results screen that appears. 

9. Click on Submit.

Submit to the Dropbox

10. The message below will indicate important details of the submission. Once you familiarise yourself with the details, click Done.

Successful submission

11. The submission folder can now be viewed next to the relevant group dropbox folder in the Assessment Dropbox.



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