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Viewing and joining your Groups

View groups you have been granted membership to in your unit space, access member lists, and join self-enrolment groups.

Groups in VU Collaborate may be created by your teacher specifically for your tutorial class. You may also be enrolled/requested to enrol into groups for group tasks, such as discussions or assignments, these small groups enable you to discuss ideas exclusively between your group members.

To see a short video on how to add yourself to a group in VU Collaborate, see the video below:


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View your Groups

1. In a unit space from the navbar select Communication, then Groups.

select communication groups 2 

2. Groups are listed in two parts

  • Access to Groups Available for Self-Enrollment (A)
  • Groups you are a member of (B)
    Within a group category (1), see the group (2) you have been assigned, to see the names of all group members, select the members number link (3). 
    Note any group resources that may have been enabled, such as Assessment Dropbox (4) (for group assessment submission), Discussions, Locker or Email.

assessment group

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Join a Self-Enrolment Group

Self-Enrolment groups allow you to choose the group you join. If a self-enrolment group has been set up for a Group Assessment, you will need to join the group before you can see the Assessment Dropbox.

To join a group, watch the short video or read the instructions below.


View Self-Enrol Groups

1. In a unit space from the navbar select Communication, then Groups.
2. To view self-enrol groups, select View Available Groups.

view available groups

Join a Group

3. Under the Group Category, choose a group, then select Join Group

join self enrol group
Review Group Access

4. You will be taken back to the My Groups screen.
5. The selected group (1) will be listed under the group category.
6. Check the group members (2). If you selected the wrong group, you could choose to Leave Group (3).

 view self enrol group     


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