The Locker tool helps you to upload and store files in VU Collaborate

Creating Files and Folders and Uploading to Your Locker

The Locker tool in VU Collaborate allows you to store files and organise them into folders if you plan to upload many files.

This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation: 

Create a Folder

1. Access locker by opening toolbox from the navigation bar and select locker. 

2. From the My Locker page, click New Folder.

locker page with new folder identified 

3. Enter a Folder Name.

step 02

4. Click create.

5. To create a sub-folder for an existing folder, click New Folder when you are in the parent folder.

Create a File

1. On the My Locker page, click New File.

locker with new file identified

2. Enter a File Name.

text box to enter a file name

3. In the Folder section, click Choose Destination to change or add the folder destination.

locker with choose destination identified 

select a folder with new folder identified

4. Select the Make this file public to others check box if you want other users to be able to view the file.

5. Enter a Description.

file description tab

6. In the Edit Contents field, enter the content you want to go in the file.

step 08

7. Click Create.

create button 

Note: The option to make files public might not be available.


Upload a File to Your Locker

1. On the My Locker page, click Upload Files.

locker with upload files button identified

2. Select the Make uploaded file(s) public to others check box if you want to allow other users to view the file.

3. Enter a Description of the file.

4. Click Choose Destination to select the file path location for your file.

5. Click Upload and locate the file you want to attach, alternatively, drop the file inside the outlined area.

6. If you want to attach more than one file, click Add Another File.

7. Click Upload then Save.

upload files with choose destination, upload, and save buttons identified 

Restricted file formats: For security reasons, you cannot upload applications or programs to your locker. For example, you cannot upload files with the extension types: .asp, .bat, .config, .dll, or .exe.