This section explains Panopto, VU Collaborate's integrated video creation, management, sharing and editing tool.

Submitting a Panopto Video into an Assessment Dropbox

When submitting a video assessment task, ensure you have a stable internet connection. You can also upload or submit a video assessment using the Victoria University internet. Uploading a video from home can take a significant amount of time due to the large file sizes and slow home internet upload speeds. The Victoria University network offers significantly higher upload speeds and will provide a much faster and more reliable experience when uploading your video.


This guide covers the following topics, to learn how to create a video see our Panopto guides: 


Step One: Access Assessment Dropbox

1. Enter your Class Space on VU Collaborate and select Assessments on the toolbar. Then select Dropbox.

Image 1

2. Navigate to the appropriate assessment Dropbox that the Panopto Video must be uploaded within. Select the Assessment Title to open the Dropbox.

Image 2

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the submission page and select Insert Stuff on the text submission toolbar.

Image 3

4. On the pop-up window that appears, select the Panopto for Students and Assignments Submission

4 insert stuff

5. A Panopto pop-up screen will appear with three options:

  • Choose - select an existing video from your Panopto My Folder.
  • Upload - upload a new video from your local device.
  • Record - record a new video directly from that tab.

See the instructions below for more details on each option.


Step Two: Select Video Submission Methods

Option 1: Choose an existing video from your Panopto My Folder

By default, the system will open this option when you access from Panopto submission tab.

1. Select the video you wish to submit.

2. You may use the Video Embed Options now that your video is selected. Select Video Embed Options to open the settings ( Refer to Step Three for more details ).

Image 5


Option 2: Upload a video file from your computer

If you have recorded a video using other apps and would like to upload it directly to dropbox, select Upload.

1. From your Upload screen, you can either drag the video into the textbox below, or click on the textbox to upload your file.

Image 6

2. Depending on how large your file is, it can take some time to finish the upload and processing.

Once the file is successfully uploaded, the system will indicate with a green tick.

6.1 successfully upload

If you change your mind, you can hover over the tile and select the Bin icon to remove the uploaded video.

6.2 delete the video


Option 3: Record a new video directly from Submission Dropbox

There are currently two direct ways to record a Panopto video; you can either download the software onto your device or use the online browser.

It is recommended to record via the browser, see How to Record a Video in a Web Browser (Panopto Capture).

7 record from dropbox



Step Three: Finalise the Video Details and Submit

1. Once you selected your video, you can modify some video aspects using the Video Embed Options.

This allows you to adjust the ratio and size of your video and the starting time and additional settings, which are selectable at the bottom of the settings list. 

5.1 video embed options

  • Aspect Ratio: Choose from 16:9 (default), 4:3, or Custom. The aspect ratio describes the proportional relationship between the video's height and width. 

  • Width and Height: Adjust the size of the embedded video player in pixels. If you select an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 4:3, the height will adjust automatically based on the width. If you choose a custom aspect ratio, you may modify the width and height independently. 

  • Start At (in seconds): Controls the time in the video where playback will start. 

  • Interactivity: Choose from All, Search and Rating Only, or None. 

    All: will allow a viewer to search within the video, rate the video, access the table of contents, make notes, and add discussion posts. 
    Search and Rating Only: this will allow viewers to search through the video and rate it but not access the other interactive features. 
    None: removes all of the interactive features. 

  • Autoplay: Select this option when the web page loads automatically to play the video. 

  • Enable 'Watch in Panopto': Select this option to display an arrow that allows a viewer to open the video in the complete interactive player.

  • Show Title: Select this option to display the video's title at the top of the player. 

  • Show Logo: Select this option to display your organisation's embedded logo in the player. 

    (Panopto 2022).

2. Once you are ready to submit your Panopto Video, select Insert.

5.2 insert button

3. A pop-up preview will appear; select Insert.

Image 7

4. Your video will be placed in the comment section of the submission.

If you wish, type a message to your academic, and then select Submit to finalise your video submission.

submit button

Your video submission is now complete. However, if you made a mistake or wish to resubmit your video again, please edit your video and then follow these steps again to resubmit your video submission.

Ensure to name your video accordingly and let your academic know that you have resubmitted the video with its name for clarity.