Group member evaluation tool


Buddycheck is a peer evaluation tool which allows you to provide constructive feedback to other group members on their performance in the group activity. You will also undertake a self-assessment. Your instructor will create a small number of performance criteria for the evaluation. It is not expected that the activity will take more than a few minutes.

You will receive an average score, but more importantly receive feedback on how you rated yourself in each performance criteria against what you were rated and the group average.

Buddycheck utilises the research-based CATME framework for peer evaluation in groups.

Following topics will be covered in this guide:


Step One: Access Buddycheck

1. Go to Learning Space and navigate to the Assessment information folder communicated to you by your teacher.

2. Click Buddycheck – Group Member Evaluation.



Step Two: Complete the Evaluation

1. To begin, they click Begin evaluation.


 2. Fill in each page, clicking Next until you have the option to Submit evaluation.




Step Three: View for Feedback 

1. If your teacher publishes your results/feedback you will receieve an email notification. The email will contain all of the feedback, however, you can also return to Buddycheck evaluation in the unit space to view this at a later time.        

2. You will see a graphical representation of how you performed across all criteria.


3. You will then see more detail on each performance criteria, comparing your self-score, received score against the team average.