Feedback Fruits

Strategies to collaborate and provide feedback to peers

Feedback Fruits Peer Review

Feedback Fruits Peer Review is a peer evaluation tool that allows you to provide constructive feedback to other group members on the work they hand in for an assessment task. This will be based on the feedback criteria the teacher sets for a particular assessment.

Following topics will be covered in this guide:

Access Feedback Fruits

1. Go to the Learning Space in your VU Collaborate unit space and navigate to the section that has the Feedback Fruits tool embedded. This tool will be named based on what has been communicated to you by the teacher and will be displayed as an External Learning Tool.  

2020 06 26 1417

2. When the Feedback Fruits tool is displayed you will be able to see the instructions and some prompts such as the name of the participants assigned to the task, the deadline of the task as well as the option to enable the tool in fullscreen if needed. 

2020 06 26 1420

Complete the Feedback Fruits task

1. To begin, you will be prompted to hand in your work. You can do this by either dragging and dropping your file, manually uploading it or pasting a link to it where applicable.

2020 06 26 1422

2. Once your work has been submitted, you will see a text that says "Submission received". This submission can be deleted if you need to re-upload your document. There is also the option to add more files if needed.

2020 06 26 1423

3. The next step would be to provide feedback to your peers and this will be possible only after they have done the steps above in their Learning Spaces as well. Until then, below is a preview of what you will see. 

2020 06 26 1424

4. Once your peers have submitted their work, you will be randomly assigned to one to provide feedback on. If the teacher has set submissions to be reviewed anonymously, the name below the title of the document will have the name of a fruit such as in the picture below. Click on Start Reviewing to begin.

2020 07 01 1023

5. You will then see this pop-up prompt on how to give feedback on your peer's work.

 2020 07 01 1024

6. You will then be taken to the document to be reviewed. In this window, there will be several features you will be guided by:

1: To zoom in or zoom out on the document

2: To close the panel that displays the feedback criteria

3: Panel that displays the feedback criteria developed by the instructor

4: The "pen" icon that allows you to write or edit your feedback

 2020 07 01 1025

7. Once you have provided your feedback for all the criteria listed, you will see a green tick next to each of them and message that indicates that you have completed the review.

2020 07 01 1416 

8. Now that you have completed this step, it is just a matter of waiting for your peer to complete the review of your work.

2020 07 01 1445

Read, Review and Reflect

 1. When you receive feedback from your peer you will see the following on the screen.

 2020 07 01 1516

2. Based on the permissions set by the teacher, you might be able to see who has reviewed your work. Click on the drop-down menu to reveal the comments left by your peer. 

2020 07 01 1517

3. You also have the option to reply to their comment.

2020 07 01 1518 

4. Once you have read the feedback left by your peer, you may need to write a reflection on the feedback received to complete the Feedback Fruits task. Simply click into the box below the instructions and type your reflection there.  The amount of words required is shown beneath the box where you write the reflection.

2020 07 01 1528

5. Once you submit your reflection on the received feedback, you have completed the Feedback Fruits task. All parts of the process involved in this task will add to the overall marks you receive for this assessment task.

2020 07 10 1151