Feedback Fruits

Strategies to collaborate and provide feedback to peers

Feedback Fruits Interactive Document

The Feedback Fruit Interactive Document tool transforms learning into a more collaborative learning experience. Study materials are more interactive as teachers can change the classroom by letting students answer the simplest questions before class while going into depth during class discussions.

The following topics will be covered in this guide:

Accessing the Feedback Fruits Interactive Document 

1. Log into your VU Collaborate unit space and navigate to the Learning Space. 

Select Learning Space

2. Navigate to the module that has the Feedback Fruits Interactive Document tool embedded and click on the title. This will be displayed as an External Learning Tool and will be titled based on what has been communicated to you by the teacher i.e., Before Class Reading. 

Navigate to VUC and Select FBF Module

3. Once you open the interactive document, the following options will appear from left to right beginning with: the name of the document; the name of the participants assigned to the task; the option to view the document in fullscreen if preferred; a download option; the option to upvote the document as useful (thumbs up) and the notifications (Bell) on top of the screen which provides a list of recent updates to the document. 

View the Opened Interactive Tool Icons

4. The front page also includes instructions from your teacher in relation to the task. 

Instructions Regarding the Interactive Document Tool

5. The Document section provides a preview of the document. The In-document activities section which is located below the preview screen, lists the activities within the document and provides a guide of what is expected to be answered. As you answer these questions or navigate your way through the document, Your progress and grade available will constantly be updated reflecting your progress within the document. The Open Document button will open the interactive document and allow you to read the complete text.  

Document Snippet View and In document Activities

6. The Grading section features the grades you have achieved throughout the document whilst also listing descriptions as to how the grades were acquired.

 Grading View in First PageJPG 

7. The Feedback Fruits Support helpdesk icon is found at the bottom left-hand side corner of the screen. By clicking on it, you will be presented with the options to either start a conversation with one of the Feedback Fruit's agents or to type keywords into the search bar option, which will direct you to their help guides. Clicking on the drop-down arrow will minimise the Support helpdesk window. 

Help Desk IconJPG  Help Using the Support Option FBF

Using the Feedback Fruits Interactive Document

 Once you click on Open Document in the Document section as mentioned above, you will be able to start using the Feedback Fruit Interactive Document.

1. Once the interactive document is open, the following icons will appear on the top right-hand side. Beginning from left to right, the first icon will detail how many questions you have answered and how many more remain; the second icon will signal how much of the discussions you have completed; with the final icon signalling the remaining percentage still available within the task. 

Progress Icon in Open Document View 

If you click on the Question and Discussion icons it will produce an in-depth report regarding the specific icon.  

Questions with Further Informationjpg  Discussions with Further Informationjpg 

2. On the top right corner of the screen, you will also find the Fullscreen, Notification, Download and Upvote options.

The Fullscreen option allows you to widen your screen to have a full view of the Document.
The Notification option allows you to receive updates and notifications concerning the document.
The three dots icon contains the Download option which allows you to download the document and the Upvote option, which allows you to upvote or like the document.


3. Throughout the document you may find open and multiple-choice questions added by your teacher. Some questions are locked with a Question break, which means you will first have to answer them before continuing with the document.

proceeding with the open questions

Below is an example of an open question.
Write the answer inside the question box provided and click on Submit once it is done. 

Submit Answer to Question BreakJPG

When you don't know the answer to the question, you can simply click on DON'T KNOW ANSWER where you will be presented with the options; Cancel to return back to answering the question or Pass to pass the question where the question cannot be answered again.

don't know answer


4. After answering or passing the required question, you will be able to see the correct answers provided by your teacher.

In this case, as it is an open question no correct answer was provided.
You will also be able to see the answers given by your peers.
However, the responses will be anonymous where only your teacher can identify you.
You will also be provided with a nickname where your name will be in brackets to allow you to demarcate yourself from other submissions. 


5. You may notice grey highlighted sections within the document. Simply hover your mouse over these sections where you will see them turn a shade of green - this signifies a question is present and needs to be answered. To answer the question you will need to click inside the highlighted section. 
A question will appear in the extreme right of your screen (when focus mode is on), where you can answer the question. Click on REPLY where you will see an expansion of the question appear to the extreme right of your screen. From here, you can view previous answers as well as add your own. 
After finishing the first question, repeat this procedure to answer the rest of the questions.

Grey Highlighted Sections to be Answered 1 

Grey Highlighted Sections to be Answered 2

Adding a Question or Starting a Discussion Thread 

1. Your teacher may have enabled you and your fellow classmate's access to add questions and comments throughout the document.

You can add a question or write a comment or start a discussion thread by clicking on the "+" blue sign located in the bottom right of the document, or by highlighting a section of the document and adding a question or start a discussion thread. If you do not see the plus sign, this means your teacher has not allowed you to write questions, discussion threads or comments.


Highlighting Own Section and Adding Questions Discussions 

2. To create a new question, click on Question where you will then be presented with the options to create a multiple choice question or an Open question.

plus ff18

3. When you click on Multiple choice question, you will be presented with a Question box where you can type your question and the answer boxes where you can add answer options. Be sure to mark the correct answer using the checkboxes located on the left-hand side of the answer options. There is also the option to add a reference to the question. To do this, simply highlight the section where the answer can be located within the document, creating a link to the question to provide further support i.e., @page1. 

Multiple Choice Question Example 

Add Reference to Specific SectionJPG

If you are creating the question through the highlighting method and not via the blue + icon, then the reference tag will automatically appear within your question box.

4. Repeat the same procedure to create a new open question.

Open Question ExampleJPG

5. To create a new Discussion thread, click on Discussion thread where you will be able to write and publish a comment.

Discussion Added

6. After posting your Question or Discussion thread you can also edit them.
You will get the option to edit or delete it by clicking the 3 vertically placed points in the upper right corner.



Interacting with Questions and Discussion Threads

1. Your teacher or fellow students may have left comments to the document. You can interact with these posts through the right bar.

As you can see in the example below, the question has received one reply.
You are able to respond to the comment or to the replies of other people.
You can respond to a reply by clicking on Reply or you can also upvote the comment by clicking on upvote.
You can't however, upvote your own comment. 


2. There is a retractable menu bar on the middle right corner of the screen. If you click on the arrow, by default it will show annotations or the questions sorted.

retractable menu        annotations

4. This view can be sorted based on the latest activity, location, most upvotes, most comments, unanswered questions and answered questions. 
Additionally, you can use this menu to add replies to or upvote questions.

location on retractable menu 

Viewing Your Achieved Grade  

1. Depending on your unit, if this task is graded then once you complete all questions, scroll to the top of the page and select Assessments and from the options select Quizzes

Assessments and Grades Optionjpg 

2. From here, you should be able to view the grade you achieved and any feedback the teacher may have left. 

View Grade Achieved JPG

 For information on Feedback Fruits Peer Review, click on Feedback Fruits Peer Review.