Feedback Fruits

Strategies to collaborate and provide feedback to peers

Feedback Fruits Interactive Video

Feedback Fruits Interactive Video is a tool that allows teachers to add interactivity to study materials like videos and transforms learning into a more collaborative experience. The teacher might upload a video and add practice questions or comments to it. Practice questions help you comprehend the video contents better. Furthermore, you can also start in-video discussions with your classmates to facilitate discussions in class.

Following topics will be covered in this guide:

 Accessing the Feedback Fruits tool in the Learning Space

1. Go to the Learning Space in your VU Collaborate unit space and navigate to the section that has the Feedback Fruits tool embedded. This tool will be named based on what has been communicated to you by the teacher and will be displayed as an External Learning Tool.  

 Locating the Feedback Fruits tool

2. When the Feedback Fruits tool is displayed you will be able to see the instructions for the task assigned by your teacher. You will also see some prompts such as the name of the participants assigned to the task, the option to enable the tool in fullscreen if needed and the option to open the original video externally. 

FF tool display

 Complete the Feedback Fruits Interactive Video task

1. To begin, you will have to open the video uploaded in the task by the teacher. 

Open video

2. You will then be taken to the video to complete the in-video activities. Depending on how it is set up, you might see some or all of the following:

1: Your progress for that task

2: The percentage of marks still available for you to obtain in that task

3: The icon that allows you to enter and exit fullscreen

4: The "+" icon that allows you to start a discussion thread (or a similar in-video activity depending on how it is set up by the teacher)

 Discussion thread icon

5: An unlocked icon that indicates a required question has been completed

6: A lock icon that indicates a required question is yet to be completed

7: An arrow that opens and closes the panel that displays all the in-video activities

Viewing the video and in video activities

3. When you arrive at a required question you will automatically see a pop-up window. If it is a multiple-choice question, you can select the answer you think is correct and click on Submit.

Required question window

4. If your teacher has instead incorporated an open question that requires a written answer, you can either type in your answer and submit or select "don't know the answer". Depending on the permissions set by the teacher, you might be posting anonymously.

Responding to a written answer question

5. If a classmate has started a discussion thread in the video, it will automatically appear for you at the exact moment in the video that it was added in. Again depending on the permissions set by the teacher, the discussion threads can be displayed anonymously (with the name of a fruit).

Discussion started by a classmate

6. When you exit the video, underneath it you will also see the summary of the in-video activities set up by the teacher. In this example you can see that viewing the video was part of the in-video activity and doing so has obtained 50% of the overall grade.

Student contributions are the open questions or discussion threads added in the video by all the students in the class, while completing the task.

 In video activities 


 1. You will be graded based on your participation (such as in all the discussions) and performance (how well you scored in the practice questions). In other words, each of the in-video activity set by the teacher will add to the overall marks you receive for this task.