Feedback Fruits

Strategies to collaborate and provide feedback to peers

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What is FeedbackFruits?

FeedbackFruits is a suite of tools that intergraded seamlessly within VU Collaborate, that support learning and teaching engagement.
Tools include peer review, team-based learning, group feedback, and interactive documentation.


Accessing FeedbackFruits activity

1. Select the title to open the assigned FeedbackFruits activity from your unit space.

If you cannot find the activity, contact your teacher.

 ff select the activity

2.  The FeedbackFruits activity will appear similar to the image below.

ff activity page

3. Select the square icon (1) on your left screen to expand the activity.

You can expand the activity into full-screen mode or open it in a new tab (2).

ff open fullscreen 


Select the relevant Feedback Fruits type for more instructions.

FeedbackFruits Guides for Students 


Have a question on FeedbackFruits?

If you have a question or looking for instructions on how to use the tool, click on the chat button on the bottom left.   ff chat button