Virtual Classrooms

Everything you need to know about learning with Zoom Virtual Classrooms

Accessing a Zoom Virtual Classroom

Zoom Virtual Classrooms allow students who are not able to be physically present in class to attend the session online. There are three ways of accessing your zoom virtual classroom, with both common steps and differences for each. Accessing the zoom virtual classroom varies dependent on how your educator has set up your classroom. 

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 First time using Zoom?

If this is your first time using Zoom you will need to download the Zoom Desktop Client, then Sign in to the VU Zoom Portal.

  1. Go to VU Zoom Portal - victoriauniversity.zoom.us
  2. Click Download Client (1), and follow the instructions to install
  3. From the VU Zoom Portal, click Sign-in (2) and login with your Student UserID and Password
  4. Optionally, you can edit settings, access, and schedule meetings. 
  5. Your account is now configured to VU, and you may now close the window.

vu zoom portal


Access Zoom Classroom from Communication

Google Chrome is recommended for Zoom and VU Collaborate, make sure to regularly update Google Chrome for usability and security.

Access Zoom Classroom

1. In your VU Collaborate unit space from the navbar, select Communication (1), then Zoom Classroom (2).

communication zoom classroom

2. From the list of scheduled zoom meetings, select Join (3), to launch your virtual classroom.

join a zoom session 


Odd Meeting Times? Check your timezone

If your zoom class session times appear to be different from your scheduled classes, check your current timezone settings (1) below the zoom heading.
If the timezone is incorrect, select the pencil icon (2) to edit. 

check time zone settings

In the pop-up window, select (GMT +10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney (1) time zone, then update (2).

select melbourne time zone

Open Zoom Meetings

Once Join has been selected, a new internet tab will open asking you to Open Zoom Meetings?

(1) Select the Open Zoom Meetings (1) button.

open zoom meetings select open meeting

1.1 Testing the Audio - Speaker and Microphone 

1. Select Test speaker and microphone (1).  

 Make sure the sound and microphone are active on your PC or laptop.

test sound start

2. Listen to the ringtone. When you hear the ringtone, select Yes (2).

test sound ringtone

3. You will then be prompted to speak and pause, if you hear the replay then confirm by selecting Yes (3).

test sound microphone

Once you have completed the test, select end test (4).

test sound end test

4. You are now ready to join the Zoom Classroom, select Join with Computer Audio (1). 

join with computer audio