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Create and Submit H5P Interactive Activities

Throughout your course, you may be asked to create an H5P Learning Object for a task or assessment. H5P is a platform for creating online interactive learning objects like quizzes, interactive videos or branching scenarios, and embedding them on your learning space or submit to the assessment dropbox. To find out more about H5P and different content types, refer to the H5P website.

This topic explains how to create and submit H5P Learning Objects to Discussion Forum in VU Collaborate.

The following links listed below can be used to help navigate through the guide:

Step One: Navigate to a Discussion Topic

1. Navigate to your unit discussion forum from the Communication tab.

1 access discussion forum

2. Click on the assigned discussion topic.

2 access discussion topic

3. Click Start a New Thread to start a discussion thread.

3 start a thread


Step Two: Insert an H5P Learning Object

1. In the message textbox, select the Insert Stuff icon from the menu bar to expand the options.

4 insert stuff

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select H5P Learning Object to activate or access your H5P dashboard.

5 select H5P learning object

3. To create a new H5P activity, click on Add Content button on the top left of the screen.

If you want to insert an existing activity, click on the Insert button next to relevant content.

6 select add content from H5P dashboard

4. If you chose to add new content, you'll be taken to the Select content type screen, where you can choose and create an H5P of your choices.

To select a content type, you can either click on the desired content tile or search for the name from the search bar. In this example, H5P Flashcards is selected. 

7 select a H5P content 

5. Fill in all the required fields including Title, Task description and activity if applicable.

8 create an activity

6. After completing the activity creation, click Save and Insert on the top right, to save your work and embed the H5P to the discussion thread.

9 click on Save and Insert

7. In the Preview screen, click on Insert to continue.

10 Preview H5P and insert

8. Once you have successfully embedded your H5P activity, add a relevant title and tick on Subscribe to this thread option.

9. Click Post.

11 Post the thread

10. The image below shows you what other students see when they look at your discussion thread and embedded H5P. 

Your peers can also engage with your topic by replying to your thread.

12 student view of topic and reply to a thread

Refer to this guide: Posting and Replying to Messages for more details in participating in a discussion and modifying your thread.