This section explains Panopto, VU Collaborate's integrated video creation, management, sharing and editing tool.

Using My Folders in Panopto 

Personal Folders provides you with a private sandbox for creating and sharing videos. When accessing Panopto you have access to four different folders : Home, My Folder, Shared with Me and Everything. Creating content within 'My Folder' allows you to create, test and share your content allowing you to review and become confident before embedding your content into unit spaces or sharing links. This help guide demonstrates how to create a new recording within 'My Folder' and utilise Personal Folders. 


Below are the steps used to navigate through the guide: 


Step One: Creating Sessions in My Folder 

1. In order to add a Session to your personal folder, select My Folder from the left navigation bar. 

Select My Folder Navigation Bar

2. Click on the Create button to record a new session or upload video files to My Folder. 

Select Create to Record New Session

Step Two: Creating Folders in My Folder 

In order to create a new Panopto folder within your Personal Folder, you have two options: 

1.1 Navigate to My Folder and select the Add folder button. You must then enter a Folder Name and click ENTER on the keyboard to confirm the creation of the folder.   

Option One Navigate to My Folder and Select Add Folder

1.2 Select Create -> New Folder and confirm that Parent Folder is set to My Folder. Provide a name for the folder. For example: Folder 1. Once a name has been given, you must then select Create Folder

Option Two Select Create and Select New Folder       Option Two Ensure Parent Folder is set to My Folder and Name Folder then Select Create Folder