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Hosting a Zoom (Web Meet) Group Session

Zoom allows you to create group sessions when you are physically not able to meet up. 
It is recommended that you work from a computer enabled with a webcam, speakers, and a microphone.

The guide covers the following topics on how to host a Zoom meeting. Use the links below to navigate easily through the guide: 


Step One: Accessing Zoom Web Meet

1. Under Toolbox in your VU Collaborate space, click on Zoom (Web Meet).

You will be automatically directed to a new tab where your profile can be found as the account has already been created.


Step Two: Hosting the Meeting

Once clicked, go the top right hand corner of the screen and click on Host a Meeting.
If you click on the arrow next to Host a meeting, you will find the options: With Video Off, With Video On, Screen Share Only.



 Step Three: Testing Audio - Speaker & Microphone

1. Make sure to enable the sound and microphone on the device.
Click on Test speaker and microphone

Zoom Test Speaker and Mic

2. Listen to the ringtone and if it can be heard, select Yes

3. You will be prompted to speak and pause. If you can hear the replay, select Yes and close it.


Step Four: Inviting Participants

 1. Click on Invite at the bottom of your screen.
You might need to hover your mouse over so that the icons can appear.


 2. You can choose to copy the URL or invitation and email it to the ones you wish to invite into the session. 



Step Five: Group Chat

1. Use the chat option to send messages to all the participants.


2. You can either send messages to everyone or you can choose to privately send a message to the co-hosts and participants.



Step Six: Screen Sharing

1. Click on Share Screen to share your screen with the participants.


Please note that by default, the screen sharing feature is only enabled for the Host of the session. To change this, the Host will have to click on the arrow next to Share Screen and change the permissions in Advanced Sharing Options.

2. Select the screen you wish to share and click on Share.

Inked10 LI

3. Select Whiteboard where you can use the annotations option to draw, write, use the spotlight for pointing among other options.



Step Seven: Breakout Rooms 

1. Use the Breakout rooms which are subrooms to split a large group into smaller groups that can discuss. 


2. Select how many participants you want and if you want the allocation to be manually or automatically.



Step Eight: Recording a Session

You can record the whole session and either save it on your computer or your cloud.

This feature is temporarily unavailable.



Step Nine: Adding Security Features

1. Click on Security at the bottom of the screen to enable added security features.
You will be able to Lock the Meeting where more participants will not be allowed to enter.
You can enable the waiting room where participants will reach a waiting room where they need to be approved by you to be allowed in the meeting.
You can also enable or disable the screen share, chat and renaming features of the participants. 

zoom bottom bar added security option


Step Ten: Ending the Session

1. You can end the session by clicking on End Meeting on the bottom right corner.


2. Select End Meeting for All to end the session or assign a new Host and click on Leave Meeting so that the session can still continue with another host.


Click on Participating in a Zoom Virtual ClassroomAccessing a Zoom Virtual Classroom and/or Presenting in a Zoom Virtual classroom for more information on how to use Zoom.