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Hosting a Zoom (Web Meet) Group Session

Zoom allows you to create group sessions to provide flexibility when and how your group meets.
It is recommended that you work from a computer enabled with a webcam, speakers, and a microphone.

The guide covers the following topics on how to host a Zoom meeting. Use the links below to navigate easily through the guide: 

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Accessing Zoom (Web Meet)

1. In a space from the navbar, select Tools, then Web Meet (Zoom).
2. You can select to either (a) Host a Zoom Meeting, on the spot, or (b) Schedule a meeting.

from tools select web meet zoom

Host a Zoom Meeting

1. The Zoom portal will open in a new tab.

2. From the top menu, select Host, then With Video On (or your prefered option).

from the top navigation select host then with video on

2. Select Open Zoom Meetings

select open zoom meeting

3. Select Join with Computer Audio, to enter the zoom session.

 select join with computer audio

Schedule a Zoom Meeting

1. Once inside your Zoom account settings, select Schedule a Meeting.


2. Enter a Topic name (1), date and time (2), and optionally Attendee email addresses (3).

enter meeting name date and time

2. Untick the Waiting Room (4), so participants can join directly. 
3. Select to have the host and participants video on (5), when joining the meeting.
4. Select Save (6).

select meeting settings then save

5. Once the Zoom session has been scheduled you have the ability to do the following:

  1. Start (1) the Meeting
  2. Copy the invite link (2) to send to others
  3. Edit (3), or Deleted (4) the meeting
  4. Add the Meeting details to your calendar on Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar (5) and Yahoo Calendar.

meeting details

Inviting Participants

1. In a Zoom session, on the tool bar from Participants, select Invite.
2. Copy Invite Link to send to others, or select Invite (1), then search for participants to select and then Invite.

invite participants