Learn a wide range of accesibility tools and functions available in VU Collaborate

Screen Magnifiers, Zooming and Colour Contrast Tips

VU Collaborate includes a number of features aimed at improving the usability of the system for assistive technology users. The following list outlines some of the design decisions that benefit people that use screen magnifiers, zooming functionality and color contrast functionality:

  • Standard page designs. Similar functionality is located in the same place and accessed in the same way across tools.  Examples of standardised pages for different units on VU Collaborate is below.  Note that each page looks similar and is navigated in the same way.

VU Collaborate Unit Space Page Design 

VU Collaborate Page Design with Welcome Message

VU Collaborate Unit Space Page Design With Items Showing

  • Support for browser and assistive technology scaling (zooming) and contrast options. System content uses styles that can be overwritten by cascading style sheets (CSS), although the complexity of the system requires detailed style sheets - see here.

W3C Logo

  • Full keyboard accessibility. The tab order is logical, and tab focus is visually indicated - see here.
  • Accessibility standards compliant code. If your screen magnifier supports basic screen reader features, such as reading the cursor location or navigating by links, you can use these features effectively.
  • User Preferences for simplifying the layout of many tools. Additional accessibility related preferences, including the ability to change system fonts and font size and the ability to turn off the HTML Editor (WYSIWYG). Navigate to the See also section in this article for further information. 
  • System information is not communicated by colour alone.
  • All pages meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA requirements for colour contrast (with the exception of user-generated content).


Getting Additional Support

If you are having difficulty using VU Collaborate to complete your course work, consider seeking help from your instructor or an Accessibility Liaison Officer at VU. VU campuses have support staff to assist students with disabilities on campus.

For more information, there is an extensive disability and accessibility support page on the VU website - here.

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